Mint Founder and CEO of PoleFit Egypt has been changing mindsets and changing our perception of pole dancing for years now. From opening the first ever pole fitness studio in Egypt to bringing us the first Pole Theatre competition, we’re in constant awe of what this little firecracker will do next. That’s why we were ecstatic when we found out that this year Mint organized the first-ever MENA Pole Studio Owner Retreat.
Yes, you read that right, there is actually more than one pole studio in the Middle East and Mint has gathered 6 of them from 6 different countries for Egypt’s first ever “Together On’e”. There were pole fit entrepreneurs from Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt.
The retreat included Seminar, Pole and Flexibility Workshops, Entrepreneur Huddles, Photoshoots, and even Entrepreneur Interviews. The whole goal of the event was to help build a network for the Pole Fitness community to create a supportive platform. It must not be an easy feat to open a studio for pole dancing in a Middle Eastern country where the whole culture pushes you to just stick to what’s safe and familiar.
So, we’ve asked some of the incredibly inspiring women who attended Together On’e to give us some of the wisdom that helped them be where they are now, doing what they love and defying all odds.

Talha Albu Saidi, Pole Fit in Muscat, Oman

“There were times when things got really stressful with everything that was happening in the government. They kept trying to move me to a new building when I had just opened. But I saw myself in that space, moving forward and growing, so I knew it was worth fighting for. I know that we have to prove that there is nothing wrong with what we do, but I don’t mind trying my best to prove it because it’s worth proving. People need to see the other side of pole dancing. That’s why I’d say to anyone who is struggling to make their wildest dreams come true, you need to take your time and have a lot of patience, be consistent and you’ll get what you want in life.”

Laura Ayoub, Pole Fit Lebanon

“What I learned from my career change is that when you have passion for what you do, no matter where you live, the culture, your perception of what you do, who or what is trying to stop you, you need to listen to your instinct and your passion will take you where you need to be. Everyone, especially Middle Eastern women who have a passion for something, need to follow their gut feeling and go for it because it will end up working, no matter the social pressures, it will be worth it.”

Mariana – Instructor at Pole Fit Jordan

“When I decided to quit my job as a flight attendant and start teaching pole fit everyone thought I was crazy to give up a life of financial security for a job where money didn’t give me that kind of stability. But to me it felt completely natural to become a pole fit instructor. It just felt right. I’m not saying you need to quit your job with the stable income, I’m saying you need to know what your priorities are and listen to what feels right. For me right now, I’m not looking for financial security. I realized this when having a job that gave me a stable financial state still didn’t make me as happy as I am now teaching pole fit. That’s why it’s important to me to do something that’s authentic to me, rather than stick to what is safe”

Dina El Hifnawi, Carousel Pole Fit, Bahrain

“This is what I’ve been telling myself when things don’t go as planned: Be persistent. Every time you fall down, pick yourself up and forge through. Believing in what I do and seeing how my job changes people’s lives and mine as well is what kept me going when all odds were against me. The community I’ve built is so supportive and loving. I go to class carrying so much weight and I go out feeling that I can conquer the world!”

“I’d tell anyone who feels like they don’t have it in them to accomplish their dreams and goals to start small. Break your plan into very small achievable goals. Small achievements can help push you towards your dreams. You will find yourself in no time living your dreams.”

That was just a sneak peek of the sheer empowering energy of the women who participated in the Retreat. We can’t express how lucky we feel that Egypt is the proud home of Mint who thought and organized such a retreat and sought out these inspiring women to help us all realize our dreams can come true no matter your circumstances, even if that is where you live.