How This School Is Ensuring Your Child’s Character Is Well Developed


We all want our children to have the best chance at succeeding in life, and we start ensuring that chance by choosing the right school for our kids. Unfortunately, most of the time, parents fall into the trap of looking for schools that focus solely on academic development. A school is responsible for teaching your child so much more than how to excel academically. Your child develops intellectually, socio-emotionally and physically at school. That’s why the right school for your child is a school that helps build your child’s character as well as all other aspects of their development.


Why is Character Building Important at a young age?

Character education is basically the teaching manner that helps children develop as well mannered, behaved, moral, respectful, responsible, non-bullying and fair individuals. Teaching children things like self-control, fairness and trustworthiness can drastically improve their academic achievements. So, character building is actually an integral part of your child’s future academic career.

There isn’t really a time at school where children aren’t faced with both academic and character related dilemmas at the same time. Let’s say your child is given an assignment that they initially find easy and they hit a speedbump. What they do next is determined by their character. It’s the child’s character skills that enable them to power through the assignment and not give up.


What is MBIS doing to ensure your child’s character is well built?

Maadi British International School really provides children with everything they need to develop into well-rounded successful members of an ever-changing, culturally diverse global community. It is central to their vision of developing the child holistically to help encourage them to reach their full potential in every sphere, academic, physical, creative, social, spiritual and moral.

1- Every child is well acknowledged

Have you ever walked in a school and saw the principal greeting each child by their name while the children wave back at them with a huge smile on their face? That is what we witnessed with our own eyes at the Maadi British International School. Head Teacher, Richard White gets to know all the children that enroll at his school even though he doesn’t personally engage in their educational journey. At MBIS, the Head Teacher makes sure every child feels recognized in their own school. Imagine the amount of self-confidence this alone instills in the kids.

Another thing that won’t go by unnoticed when you walk down the hallways of MBIS is the lack of wall space they have, only because almost everywhere you look you’ll find students artwork, projects and everything in between hung up on the walls. A big part of children’s learning process at MBIS entails them talking about what they have learned and celebrating their achievements.

2- MBIS focuses on positive behavior

An integral part of teaching at MBIS is that it is focused on children’s behavior and how they interact with others at school. Consequently, teachers constantly encourage children to always do and say the right thing while actively reflecting on their behavior when they don’t make the right choice. That’s why poor behavior is not an issue at MBIS. Their collaborative learning programs help children take ownership, develop curiosity and explore learning together.

3- Children have the power to implement change

Part of the school’s regular event schedule is charity fundraising events that are actually organized by the children themselves. Children aren’t just in charge of deciding what the event should be (a bake sale for example), they are also given the power to choose where the money goes, and which charity they want to endorse. This way they are actively helping their community and building a strong, empathetic caring character.

4- They learn from their mistakes

It’s encouraged at MBIS, for children to try new things and operate outside of their comfort zone. This without a doubt might lead to them making mistakes as they go through the process of learning a new skill. That’s where teachers focus on helping children learn from their mistakes. This is a philosophy that applies to all areas of their life, nudging them to become resourceful, responsible human beings.

5-Children are encouraged to try new things

To further enable children to experience the world and get out of their shell, MBIS provides a wide array of after-school activities. Therefore, children can have a lot of options to help expand their knowledge and skills.

Some of these activities include:

  • Choir
  • Newspaper Team
  • Mural Painting
  • Ballet
  • Yoga Zoo
  • Sewing
  • Tennis
  • Drama
  • Cookery
  • Pottery
  • Hip Hop Dance


Older children have the opportunity to take part in exciting, activity-based residential trips, including skiing in Italy and a bespoke teamwork and leadership course in Switzerland. At school, they can assume roles of responsibility – such as Playground Marshalls, where they are trained to support younger children in games at break time.


It’s crucial for your children to be placed in an environment where the staff has a shared sense of purpose to be committed to developing and nurturing all kids in school. Everyone at MBIS takes the responsibility of equipping children with the skills and confidence to become life-long learners and active members of society.