I personally repeat the words “I really missed the Ramadan spirit, I feel like it’s disappearing even more every year ” like almost every day and I think my friends are getting sick of it. So, here I am, sharing it with you guys too. Actually, I consider myself one of the biggest fans of Ramadan, I mean, I do count down till Ramadan. I love the idea of us eating at the same time, doing everything at the same time, it’s just so warm, you know.

However, for the past years, I’ve been feeling that we are losing the Ramadan vibes gradually and it truly makes me sad. That’s why, I started reminding myself of what we used to do in Ramadan back in the days, to do it again and keep on enjoying the holy month as if it’s our first. Noting that, nothing will beat Bakkar, the true definition of Ramadan spirit. Nothing will compare to how hard it was to fast while at school, even though waiting for someone to drink water so we can blackmail was always something to look forward to.

So, here is your Ramadan starter pack to get back those vibes you’ve been missing:


1- Real Family Gatherings

No, I do not mean like having Iftar and rushing out the door right after, or even worse, texting all night long. Do you remember those old times that we did not have any phones, and we had to stay and actually communicate with our grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Even if we stayed silent, we used to watch the programs and series together after Iftar with no hurry to do anything else. Everything was so peaceful. So, you can start by putting your phones aside, canceling your plans for the day, and just enjoying some family talk, it will surely make a difference to everybody else.


2- The Old School Sohour

Let’s talk some sense, have you noticed the new Sohour trend that’s been going for a couple of years now? I mean, since when do we have to pay that amount of money to eat some beans and eggs and meet up with our friends? (Wow, that even rhymed). Who invented the idea of paying an average of 700 pounds for Sohour, really? Even if there is entertainment and some sort of protein on the buffet. It’s so overrated. How did we forget the authentic idea of Ramadan? Which is actually feeling and getting connected to the less fortunate and appreciate our blessings. So, let’s bring back our meaningful idea of Sohour, with no pressure of feeling “uncool” just because you paid less than 100 pounds for your beans and eggs.


3- The Religious/Spiritual Side

Ramadan is a holy month, which means that the spiritual and religious side of it will forever enlighten it. Our role regarding that is to develop and correct the behaviors of ours that needs to be corrected. Also, it is a great opportunity for us all to take a step closer to dear god. The best thing about Ramadan, is that in every street you will find out people doing good and helping others, so yeah, why not join them and see your impact on those beautiful people faces too?


4- Add a Fanous, or Two

The class Ramadan lantern is my all-time favorite part about Ramadan, especially the one with the candle. Fawanees are the only item that does not even fit any other month or event but Ramadan. No matter how many lights, or how many patterned tables covers you may have bought for Ramadan decoration, no setup will be complete without a Fanous.


5- Ramadan TV Time

The ads are unbearable, and it’s much easier to watch whatever you want online, I totally agree with you. However, we still remember really old Ramadan ads and the memories accompanied by them when we were younger. So as little and unimportant as it may sounds, watching tv in ramadan and hearing ramadan’s music in the breaks between shows, will definitely make Ramadan even more memorable.