Meet Abdullah El Shamy;  a 24-year-old entrepreneur and travel blogger. With an educational background in political science, but an ever-growing passion for traveling, he has managed to kickstart his own travel agency Travel Bug. At this very young age, he has managed to travel to quite an astounding amount of countries and he has just about perfected the art of budget traveling.


When did you first realize that traveling is your calling in life?

I was probably 14 or 15 when I traveled with the scouts back when I was in school to England. After seeing a glance of what the world has to offer, I thought this is what I want to do for life.

How did you actually manage to travel to all these countries at this young age?

It is all about adopting the philosophy that not everything needs to be perfectly planned. To me, that is the key to actual budget traveling. Budget traveling is also all about taking risks yet being smart. I would usually travel with my tent and camp, for example, in front of a lake for most days of the week then stay at a hostel to wash my clothes and rest up for one or two days max. I also don’t have to visit all tourist spots that are super expensive- I could enjoy what a country has to offer in so many other ways. Also, I believe that planes take your from continent to continent- thus, you could easily go from country to country within the same continent by land which is way cheaper. Finally, to save up on transportation, I hitchhike a lot! Like I said, it can be risky.

What has been your all-time favorite country to visit?

Hands down, Columbia. The country literally has everything: scenery, culture and super friendly people!

What are the cheapest destinations to visit in 2018? 

I would recommend places in Southeast Asia the most- we’re talking Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Laos amongst others. You can literally eat for two dollars a day there! If you manage to travel smartly, Mexico is also a good option. There are also some pretty affordable countries in Africa like Tanzania.

What has been the main key to your success as an entrepreneur? 

I believe in passion, happiness, and gratitude. If you have these three things in your life, you will be able to help others, feel good all the time and achieve anything you want.

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