It’s a blessing to be living at a time when so much information about health, wellness, and proper nutrition is easily accessible. Children today are more exposed to media than ever before, and thus, we are watching a whole new and empowered generation grow before our eyes into knowledgeable, opinionated young leaders. Laila Amin, our very own Managing Editor’s daughter, literally made our Friday morning with her cute series of Insta-Stories explaining how she eats to have healthier, longer hair. Did we mention that she’s..3? Well, you know what they say, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as her mom, Fayrouz Nasser Eid, is a nutritionist and a wellness enthusiast.

Laila goes on to explain why she eats ‘salata’ (salad) to give her hair all the nutrients it needs to grow long but avoids eating too much candy. She also explains how nuts are great for the hair, especially her favorite almond. Is this the cutest video or what?

Laila’s 4 Tips For Healthier Hair!

Fact 1:
“Eating Greens Is Good For Your Hair”: What Laila wants to say is that dark leafy greens are high in iron. A deficiency of iron in your body may be causing hair loss. You want to make sure that all the nutrients you eat are properly delivered to your hair roots and eating foods high in iron does the job.

Fact 2:  
“Candy makes my hair small”: In other words, too much sugar in your diet will affect hair growth.  Eating too much sugar could also be the reason why your hair is not growing out and may leave you with thinning hair. Do like Laila and say no to candy (we mean sugar)

Fact 3:
“She Eats Nuts Every Day For Stronger Hair”: Cutting out sugar is not enough if you want long gorgeous hair. Knowing what to replace the sugar in your diet with is also as important. Replacing the sugar with nuts because they are high in protein, zinc, B vitamins, and iron will promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.


Extra tip

Fact 4:
“Almonds Are Her Favorite Nuts.”:  Biotin is an essential nutrient for preventing hair loss and luckily, almonds are high in the B vitamin and in Magnesium which also promotes hair growth.

One point worth noting is that good parenting means knowing how to communicate with your kids on a level that they would understand and appreciate. You don’t need to boss around your kids or give them orders- you simply need to see what they’re interested in and link that to everything you want them to do. Fayrouz, for example, noticed that Laila loves her hair and wants to grow it long and this is how she easily managed to get her to not just eat her veggies, but boast about it.