Last night was probably one of the best Tuesday night’s The Daily Crisp spent in a while, and it’s all because of Knorr Egypt. We were invited to attend their annual “Kamel Karamak” event where they announce all the good they did in Ramadan this year, but this time, the announcement was a total utter surprise!

We first arrived at Marriott Mena House around Iftar time to a garden beautifully decorated with plants and pots that were hanging from wooden shelves all over the hedges of the garden. The atmosphere was so positive and you could see that everyone was walking with a kick in their step (even though it was a hot summer day in Ramadan), probably because they knew that every single person who worked on this event and this amazing new campaign has helped in providing so much good to so many people.








After a lovely Iftar and a sweet dessert, We heard speeches from Ashraf Bakry – Managing Director at Unilever Mashreq and Mounir El Gazayerli, Marketing Director at Unilever who announced what the new الخيرـماـبيخلصش campaign was all about.

You know the saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”..well, Knorr turned this saying into reality. Instead of just feeding people this year at Ramadan with the help of “Food Bank” بنك الطعام (which they did as well, and reach 2 million plates to 2 million hungry citizens this Ramadan), they have provided those in need with rooftop “farms”, and what that basically means, that now people who don’t have enough food, will now be able to grow their own food on their own home roof. When they produce more than what they need to eat, they will be able to sell!! Can you believe it?!! Knorr not only provided people with sustenance, knorr gave them a means to earn more money and build a business as well.

We were in utter awe of what we were seeing, they showed us a video of those rooftop gardens and real people talking about what they grew and how they’re earning money because of this insanely creative and super productive campaign. Knorr not all thought of the now, but also of the future, now these people will have a sustained livelihood to support their kids in their education, improve their means of living and an overall improved life.

We enjoyed hearing a few more speeches from Dr.Moez El Shohdi CEO of Food Bank, Lamis El Hadidi the renowned tv personality الخيرـماـبيخلصش ambassador and well-loved actress Dorra El Zarrouk also الخيرـماـبيخلصش ambassador, and we went home feeling happy and filled with so much joy knowing that we have companies like Knorr making Egypt a better place.