The festive season has an entirely new flavor as it is extraordinarily being celebrated in Cairo this year.

Yes, it says Cairo!! – Specifically: Arkan, Sheikh Zayed.

Each year, Christmas is celebrated in unique, exciting and memorable ways around the world. Each city usually celebrates the festive season in different ways, whether it being by showcasing their history or merely impressing through more modern traditions.

Every city around the world has always managed to yearly attract large crowds of visitors, solely for their desire to live the Christmas period in a fully joyous and cheerful environment; thus, creating a special memory for a special occasion.

This year, we truly are jolly and bright as Arkan has embraced the beginning of its new phase by taking the chance of in the celebration of this year’s festive season, and simultaneously introduce their extension in an unforgettable way.

This Season, Arkan has proved to be a Christmas Destination able to utterly make everyone believe they are abroad, as the decorations have been executed in a lavishing way.

The Christmas atmosphere at Arkan has everything anyone can ask for in order to live a mesmerizingly splendid Christmas experience in Cairo.

Starting from November 28th the decorations were set and The Arkan Christmas Destination opening ceremony started with an unforgettable Tree Lighting Experience – the very first of its kind in Cairo – along with a great musical experience, light show and fireworks show.

On December 7th, Arkan hosted the Fabrica Musical Choir for a memorable Christmas Music Night, followed by an aerial hoop show, an aerial silk show, and The Walkabouts.

Arkan keeps its doors open until January the 7th so that everyone can go and enjoy more fun with the Romantic Carrousel, the skating rink, the carnival games and the Christmas market available every day from 3 pm to 11 pm on weekdays and from 1 pm to 11 pm on weekends. From December the 19th things get more amusing with opening hours from 11 am to 11 pm ensuring a real jolly-full experience to all.

Yalla, grab your coats and loved ones and head straight to delving into a joyful Christmas at Arkan this year.

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