We’ve heard of plastic recycling, even paper, but oil recycling? Definitely not that common here in Egypt. Many questions arise when you hear those words put together – like how and why? We’re the country that lives on fried falafel and sandwiches filled with french fries. Just think about the amount of cooking oil that is used on a daily basis … so where does all this oil end up? Usually we end up throwing it in the bin, or down the drain. Surely, there must be a better end use for the insane amounts of oil that is used daily and thrown out? According to Green Pan, there is!

Green Pan is a free service that collects your used up cooking oil to recycle it into biodiesel. The same edible oil you use to fry food can be made into diesel to fuel vehicles! When thrown away, used vegetable oil tends to drain the pipes and contaminate the water. Once it’s mixed with water, the process to purify water becomes much more difficult and expensive. At Green Pan, this oil is recycled to produce bio-fuel products as an alternative to energy, glycerin and soap. Green Pan aims to contribute to the protection of the environment, the preservation of clean water resources and the minimization of sewage blockage due to oils.

How can you take part in this? All you have to do is to register with Green Pan and they will contact you and send someone to take the oil straight from your door. Green Pan also helps you empty the oil into their bottles through a simple and quick process using a funnel.

Click on this link to register http://goo.gl/LzL6Id  or call them at 01002358907 / 01129996848