All the single ladies! Part of every girl’s wedding preparations calls for that one special night she gets to spend celebrating as a single gal with her girl friends and family. Traditionally known in Egypt as the henna night, in recent years this tradition has started to fade and bachelorette trips are making their way into every bride’s pre-wedding plans. If you’re looking for something a little more than just a traditional henna with a reasonable budget, Rana El Banawy’s bachelorette trip in Aswan, Egypt will inspire you to go there.


Rana and her bridesmaids stayed at a Nubian guest house, Hadouta Masreya, located in Aswan’s beautiful Nubian village. The vibe there was unparalleled, beautiful people, tasty food, and an incredible view.


Hadouta Masreya is a Nubian guesthouse inspired by the most bellowed local artist, Mohamed Mounir. ‘Hadouta Masreya’ is actually the name of one of his songs, and upon entering the guest house you will hear Mohamed Mounir songs being played everywhere. Each of the guesthouse’s 14 rooms is named after one of Mounir’s songs, and when you enter you will find song lyrics beautifully painted on the walls.


The Nubian village itself is filled with local cafes, houses and boutiques making it a great place to walk around and have lunch.


During the first day of her bachelorette, Rana and her bridesmaids roamed around the streets of the Nubian village. People everywhere knew that they had a bride among them and so they celebrated her and gave her gifts everywhere she went.


On the second day of the trip, the girls visited a Nubian house, which belonged to one the men responsible for Hadouta Masria. It is very common in Aswan for families to open up their house for guests and tourist to come have tea. The girls went to the Nubian house and had tea with a spectacular view. They even took pictures with the pet crocodile that the family had!


The third day, the bride and her tribe took a felouka and had many picture-perfect mementos.


The best part of the trip, according to Rana? The Nubian zafa that they organized for her in Hadouta Masreya.


The food in Aswan in unmatchable according to the bride. They make a lot of homemade favorites, the fish is fresh from the Nile and everything tastes just delicious. Whether you eat out at any of the restaurants or eat at Hadouta Masreya, the bride swears by how delicious the food is all over Aswan.

Rana is also the founder of TAMR HENNA, an Egyptian Brand that aims at giving every bride-to-be the chance to have a unique bachelorette or henna night. Tamr Henna provides bachelorette and henna night decorations and supplies, such as costumes, sashes, masks, glasses, headbands, tiaras,  customized t-shirts, tutu skirts, and everything needed for the perfect night!