Your comfort is as important as your baby’s and especially during the night when you are asked to wake up 378 times to feed or soothe down your new baby

For that reason, it’s very important to find all your needs at your hand to save you a lot of time and effort in the middle of the night and help you have peace of mind focusing only on accomplishing your baby’s (endless) needs.


That’s why I’ve made this “Bedside Bag” to have your night-time baby essentials. It contains 10 things you wouldn’t want to go to bed without preparing next to you.


1.Two or Three Diapers

Because let’s get real, when does a baby need ever NOT include a diaper change?


2.Diaper Rash, Cream or Oil

Again, if you’re changing a diaper then you need to have all your diaper changing essentials, that includes rash cream or oils.


3.Portable Changing Mat

That’s because in case the one you have at home is messy or you forgot to clean it before you sleep. Also, the fact that this bag includes a changing mat makes it every new mom’s travel best friend.


4.Baby’s Anti-Colic Drop

That’s in case the reason your baby won’t stop crying is because of their tummy.


5.Nipple Cream

It’s a new level of difficult trying to find something as important as your nipple cream when you still have sleep in your eyes and your baby is trying to reach record-breaking scores of the loudest scream they can muster. That’s why this is an essential in your bedside bag!


6.A Pacifier

That’s to stop your child from reaching those record-breaking screams. Also, to help them fall back to sleep after you’ve tended to their need.


7.A Pack of Wipes + Tissues

It seems almost silly to explain why a new mom needs a pack of wipes, but you’d be surprised who often you can forget such an essential lifesaver. Make sure you don’t forget a pack of tissues as well cause some situations you don’t need a wet wipe and need something to dry


8.Burping Cloths

Your current sleeping pyjamas will sure thank you for not forgetting your burping cloth when you come to burb your bundle of joy. It’s just so much better to go back to sleep with clothes that are dry and baby-spit-free.


9.Extra Baby Outfit

This is important in case you didn’t wake up in time to change your baby’s diaper before its too late and the baby’s clothes are soaked in whatever “lovely” bodily fluids they produced over the night. This is also super helpful if you’re travelling and you have this bedside outfit.



You might want to add other items according to your needs and the stage you are going through with your baby. Like breast pads if you use them, alcohol and cotton buds if the cord hasn’t fallen yet, a teether if your baby has started teething, any medication you or your baby are on, and so on.


How to Set up?

Insert all these items in a small bag/organizer or even a gift box to make it easy to spot and find what you need. This way you can move everything easily to where you’re going to take care of your baby, as well as always have everything organized in one place without the hassle of looking for everything.



Pro Tip: Don’t forget to refill any out of stock items before going to bed the following night!

Now go send this gem of an article to all the new moms you know and don’t be surprised when they thank you for saving their lives.