At The Daily Crisp we’ve always been number one advocates of wellness at work. We ourselves have an office space where we all practiced the basics of daily work wellness and supporting each other to become better versions of ourselves by backing each other up in taking more wellness-based decisions.

This is why we are here today, sharing information about the release of a new innovative Mixed-Use Destination located in New Cairo – precisely at the entrance of south 90th street.

One-Ninety is one of many projects under LMD Developments, founded and directed by Amr Sultan, being a visionary advocate of wellness himself. Amr based the idea of building One-Ninety Mixed-Use Destination around the concept of “A Well-Rounded Living” by combining all the elements one could think of to achieve a balanced lifestyle offering its residents and guests a space, where they can enjoy a quality of life they have never experienced before in Cairo, Egypt.

This approach makes Amr one of the pioneers in merging between wellness and practicality in a gated community that encourages its residents to easily reach work-life balance. All of the spaces in One-Ninety, for example Business District, Hotels, Retail Pavilion and Branded Residences will be overlooking the Urban Park, following the ideals of Amr Sultan in getting the residents to directly connect with nature. The objective is instilling in the residents and workers a sense of innate serenity and harmony while also being energized and productive throughout the day.

We are fascinated by the idea of how the “The Well-Rounded Living” concept can be subtly sensed anywhere in this Mixed-Use facility.

Anything your mind could think of in regards to daily life from parks, walkability, jogging sprees, fine dining, exquisite boutiques, etc… has been well thought of and offered through its design. This experience is definitely what differentiates One-Ninety from other Compounds or Business Parks in Cairo.

One-Ninety boasts a multitude of enchanting experiences; from a cutting-edge business district, luxury living at W Residences Cairo and St. Regis Residences to artisanal dining and world-class entertainment coming to life at the Retail Pavilion and Avenue One Ninety. Luxury Hospitality with, W Cairo Hotel and A Loft Hotel guarantee legendary pampering and memorable stays, perfected by breathing beauty at One-Ninety’s nature Urban Park, where native flora and cosmopolitan cultures thrive. Here, every aspect is expertly planned to enhance safe walkability.

Facilitating the delight of enjoying a view of nature wherever you are. Easily accessible Mixed-Use Destination from the upcoming branded One-Ninety Monorail Station, which will allow you to leave your car and commute to your office or business meeting easily and quickly taking not more than 25 minutes from anywhere in Cairo.

The opportunity to work in stress-free environment which respects the requirements of the current situation (COVID-19) is putting us under, is finally a dream come true with One-Ninety, The Mixed-Use Destination.