Hello Cairenes!


Let me tell about my week.  It wasn’t very eventful. Literally spent it all in bed.

So I’ve had a pretty bad case of food poisoning. I haven’t had any energy or the will to get out of bed, but I’m not going to turn this into a morbid piece about how I haven’t had the energy to do anything that I was meant to do this week. Let me tell you about what I learned from this experience so far. You won’t get anywhere dwelling and complaining about how sick you are (I’ve done a lot of that). Avoiding medicine isn’t always in your favor. (A little Antinal goes a long way). I like to keep my medication all natural most of the time, but I had to give in this time. I’ll gladly spare you the details.

So this is what I did, I had two full days of Antinal, by the third day I was so done with it.  I couldn’t stand how it tastes (I can’t swallow pills), I hated the texture, I hated that I was relying on something that was also harming the good bacteria in my gut. I wanted to go back to my favorite form of medication, Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a natural holistic form of medication where each person is treated as a unique individual. Your body, mind, spirit, and emotions are all taken into consideration whilst managing and preventing your ailments. Taking all these factors into account a homeopath would then select the appropriate medication that would help stimulate your body’s own healing ability. So I called up my homeopath Dr. Saeed (DM me for his details) and  told him all about my situation.

He sent me a little bottle filled with my very own personalised magic potion (aka homeopathic remedy). He told me to only drink pure transparent liquids for the next 12 hours (yes pure torture all I could think about was fries). I had loads of water, pink lemonade from the Glow (amazing energy booster), and your average lemon water too. All of that while still regularly taking my homeopathic medicine. The next 12 hours which I’m currently in the middle of I’m supposed to only have thicker liquids like soups, or smoothies. I’m trying to do that as moderately as possible so I don’t shock my system with anything too heavy. So far I’m seeing great improvements, thanks to my little magic potion. After that, I’m only allowed to have mashed foods for another 12 hours.


I can’t wait to be able to eat whatever I want again. Seriously, everything looks so good to me right now. However, this experience has taught me to always listen to my body, to appreciate its ability to regularly detoxify itself. Our bodies are constantly getting rid of all the toxins that it doesn’t need naturally. It is constantly fighting the unwanted microbes and the inflammation that seeps through everything and anything.  Your regular conventional medicine isn’t always the best way to go. My parents have been treating me with homeopathy from a very young age and its yet to fail me. I hate that with conventional medicine you’re always trying to cure the ailments alone without allowing the whole body to thrive. There are always side effects that will only harm you in the long run. With holistic medicine, you’re enabling the body to strengthen and heal itself.


So listen to your body. Question what you’ve been told. Whether it’s your Doctor, parents, partner friends, or even your homeopath. Nothing is set in stone. Almost everything we practice or preach has been established by another human. Who just like you, could’ve made a mistake. So once again, listen to your body. It somehow already knows exactly what it needs.


Yours Truly,

The Conscious Cairene.