You’re probably here reading this article because growing up you’ve always heard the words ” الشعر تاج المرأة” and never really understood what that meant. No, it’s not about having long hair, and it’s not about having short hair either. It’s not about straight, curly or any hair type in particular.
It means never letting your hair, no matter its shape or hairstyle, stop you from achieving your goals, your dreams or anything else for that matter. It means owning your hair and wearing it with pride every single day. Taking care of it so it shines to it’s fullest potential. That’s why we’re showing you 5 ways you can start taking care of your hair so you can love it just the way it is and wear it with pride everywhere you go.

It Starts with Your Shower Water

If you really want to start caring for your hair you should take a closer look at the water you wash it with every time you shower. Most of our normal showerheads don’t filter out the heavy metals in our waters such as chlorine. These could cause frizz and dry out your hair, no matter your hair type. So, the first thing you should be looking at is to find a way to filter the water used on your hair.

Hair Porosity, Find out What It Means

If you haven’t heard, your hair has pores just like your skin. These pores determine if your hair will love the products you’re applying to it or hate them and punish you for it (hello frizz). Just like you choose products that work for your skin type (oily, dry, combination), you need to do the same with your hair. Only then it will thank you with healthy lush locks. Here’s everything you need to know about hair porosity and how to choose the right products for it.

Your Hair Is Only as Healthy as Your Scalp

Most people know that our hair stems from our scalps. However, not everyone knows that our hair’s health is dictated by our scalp. Think of it as a tree, your hair is the actual tree and your scalp is the root. How can you expect your hair to thrive with damaged roots?
One of the best way to ensure proper scalp health is doing a natural scalp scrub. A simple baking soda scrub can be applied to the scalp twice a month to remove build up and ensure proper blood flow, so your hair follicles (the actual root of the hair) is free to breathe.

Baking Soda Scalp Scrub (try saying that 10 times in a row)


  1. 3 tablespoon baking soda
  2. 1 tablespoon Jojoba oil
  3. A few drops of water


  1. Mix well and apply to the scalp to massage. Then, leave the scrub for 15 min. and rinse with shampoo.

Know Your Hair Type and Be Proud of It

You see this every day, straight haired women envy those with curls and women with lush curly hair envy those with fine straight locks. It’s completely fine to perm, use a heat straightener or even a curling iron to “create” the hair look you want if you feel like it. What’s not okay is to try and change your hair type just because you think that’s the only way you’ll become “beautiful”.
There are literally 4 different hair types in the world:
  • Type 1 “Straight”
  • Type 2 “Wavy”
  • Type 3 “Curly”
  • Type 4 “Kinky”
Once you accept your God-given hair type and learn everything you can about the best products to use for it, how often you can use heat on it and the best way to treat it, you’ll be much happier to wear your hair the way it is. Find out which hair type yours is and learn how you can embrace it fully, by following the next step.

Use Products That Love Your Hair as Much as You Do

Once you’ve come to terms that no matter how much curly hair product you apply on your locks, your hair won’t turn into a Shakira-like mane, now you can move on to the most important step, use only products that love your hair. Try to choose a company that loves your locks no matter what their type, a brand that allows you to be who you are fully embracing your hair.
Choose a brand like Dove that cares for your hair’s wellbeing to allow you to rise to your highest potential and never having your hair stop you from achieving your goals.  Using Dove’s sulfate free “Go Fresh” shampoo is a fine example of what you should be using on your hair to allow it to do its thing while knowing that you’re using the best products for it.

Now you know how to embrace your hair fully, accepting it in all of its waviness or all of its kinkiness. This article was inspired by Dove and their new campaign to allow women to go after their wildest dreams and never letting anything get in their way, especially their own hair. You should wear your hair like a crown, and always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. So go out there and #matkhalish_haga_twa2afik.