If you’re a Pinterest fan then probably at some point in time you’ve come across beautiful homes that made you rethink your entire home decor. We know this because we’ve all been there. If one of those Pinterest inspired home decors you’ve been eyeing was the kitchen then rejoice because today we’re showing you how you could get that sleek sophisticated Pinterest-esque design.

If you look at any elegant stylish kitchen design you’ll notice how the entire kitchen is actually centered around the stars of the kitchen, the appliances. Your choice of appliance color can basically make or break your Pinterest inspired home decor. Bottom line is if you truly want a timeless look that will bring class to any home design, then black appliances are the way to go.

Black kitchen appliances like your fridge, stove, oven or even dishwasher bring an air of timeless sophistication that will put your home decor skills on a whole new level. Black appliances are functional, way more durable than your regular stainless steel ones and so much easier to clean, that’s just the tip of the ice-burg to all the benefits that come with choosing black colored appliances.

If you do decide to go with an easy simple and exquisite looking kitchen, here’s what you need to know to make sure your kitchen tiles, cupboards and aesthetic bring out the best of your black appliances.



Cabinet Color and Design


Choosing the right color cabinets has never been easier when you have black appliances. Ideally, you should opt for cabinets that won’t contrast the black too much, because black needs another somewhat dark color to “grab on to”. This will create a low contrast palette that will give your space a seamless and more spacious look. If you’ve got your heart set on having a white kitchen with black appliances you can just make sure to choose a dark-colored countertop and pair it with a lighter backlash (marble or white subway tiles). Doing so, you’ll have a kitchen that has the perfect blend of light, medium and dark tones that will surely wow your guests. As for design, it’s best if you choose something simple and elegant to go well with the sleek feel of your black appliances. So, any designs that are too busy with a lot of patterns etched in the wood are not ideal. When it comes to chic, less is more.



Floor and Lighting


Any successful kitchen design should not have more than two dominant colors with one accent color to tie the room together. Since the cabinet and your countertops are usually the highest costs you’ll face when designing your kitchen, choose these first and then match your flooring to what you chose. We learned that when it comes to using black appliances, you should aim for a low contrast palette for the spaciousness it gives the room, so that means your kitchen floors shouldn’t be super light. A darker floor is better in the kitchen anyway because it’s way more forgiving when it comes to all the stains, scratches and spills kitchens are accustomed to.

Natural light is a fabulous way to brighten a kitchen with black appliances and dark flooring. Pairing a brightly lit kitchen with some greenery or flowers also adds a wonderful soothing contrast that isn’t striking and compliments the black appliances perfectly.




You know how when you’re in a simple black dress and you have so many choices when it comes to accessories that you’re giddy with excitement at all the wonderful possibilities you can style that dress. That’s exactly what having a kitchen sporting black appliances feels like. Changing up your kitchen look every few years is as easy as changing your knobs and fixtures. Black is a great canvas that compliments most colors, but some work particularly well to achieve our desired beautiful Pinterest worthy look.

Play around with chrome, brass or even copper-colored brass knobs, fixtures or even a kettle or a vase. These form the accent color every kitchen needs for it to shine in all of its Pinterest-like glory. Also, adding clear or glass accessories on your countertops will aid in widening your space and highlighting, even more, your black elegant appliances.


Beautifully Functional




Last but certainly not least, owning black kitchen appliances is a sure fire way of having more time to enjoy your kitchen because you won’t be spending half your time cleaning or polishing it. Black is just the best and most forgiving color when it comes to stains, dirt or grime and scratches. This doesn’t mean that you should wait till your kitchen is a mess to clean it, but you won’t have to wipe down your black appliances every day because they will retain their shine and their new-look feel we all love so much way more than other colored items.


Now that you’ve probably fallen utterly and completely in love with black kitchen appliances and everything that goes along with them, we’re happy to tell you that Beko just released their first ever line of all black appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens and even washing machines for that chic laundry room you’ve always dreamt of. If you want to “shop the look” and get the Pinterest inspired kitchen you deserve then Beko is the place to go.