In an alternative universe, my entire wardrobe would be from second-hand clothes. I know you either mouthed or said “EWW” out loud but hear me out. The art of thrifting clothes means you buy something that was preowned. However, it’s actually perceived as cool to wear thrifted clothes abroad while most Egyptians unfortunately still see it as disgusting. I’m just saying this to let you know how other people think about second-hand clothing, this difference in view might help you see things from a different perspective.
From an environmental factor though, wearing second hand is one of the best ways you can shop with the planet in mind. You see the clothes you usually buy come from the “Fast Fashion” industry, harm the environment. Most of these clothes are made of synthetic fabrics that have plastic in them, which means it takes them 100s of years to degrade (and never fully).
So, instead of buying something new, why not opt for a piece that was owned and loved by someone before you. This will not only save our planet from waste, and fill your closet with cool unique pieces that you can guarantee no one else will be seen wearing.
Here we have a list of all the places you can find second-hand merchandise in Egypt compiled by a wonderfully informative Egyecoland. It’s an account that you definitely need to add to your planet-friendly Instagram feed. Speaking of your Instagram feed, you also need to add Sarrah Abel Rahman to your feed for inspiration on how this inspiring being is using her social media presence to educate people about ways you can save our planet.

Offline/Physical stores:

The Rabbit Hole -Maadi
La Boutique Shop in CSA -Maadi
Street vendors in Wikalat Al-Balah (between the Nile Corniche on the 15th of May bridge towards Bulaq)
S-0ld – Appointment Only visits
You can find more bookshops that sell and buy used books at this highlight of Zerowaste Egypt account.

Online Stores:

Facebook Groups:

So, now you know that Egypt is actually quite abundant with stores online and off to buy cool unique clothing that will give your wardrobe that edge you’ve been looking for. Not to mention, you might find yourself sleeping better at night, knowing you did something today that the planet will be thankful for.