The selection of products available in the markets today is quite intimidating and makes choosing which item is healthier to pick even harder; however, for years, Juhayna has been the first name to come to mind whenever the word Juice, Milk, or Yogurt comes up.

In this article, we want to highlight some facts about Juhayna‘s latest launched line of Greek Yogurt, with which they succeed in fulfilling the needs of the healthiest and most gourmand of their clients – since Greek Yogurt is one of the healthiest choices out there.


What’s in Juhayna’s Newly Introduced Range of Authentic Greek Yogurt 

Since more and more people are becoming interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and we have all come to learn in the past few years that it all starts from keeping our bellies full and light at the same time.

Today, at the grocery store, we find Regular Yogurt, Greek Style Yogurt, and Authentic Greek Yogurt. What makes Juhayna Greek Yogurt our go-to is the fact that we are guaranteed the best quality in terms of 100% authenticity for an affordable price. 

Juhayna Authentic Greek Yogurt comes in four different cups, opening up more possibilities for people to choose the best fitting option among 4 different fat levels, depending on their diet.

This is how Juhayna as always, offers an impeccable product to be indulged in and enjoyed by more people.



What Is Greek Yogurt 

Greek Yogurt is made by straining off of Whey, a watery, lactose-containing component that comes out of curdling milk. This is why Greek Yogurt is thick, creamy, and rich in texture and nutrients containing two times more protein than any other regular yogurt cup.

This process does not only make sure the end result is more creamy and nutritious; moreover, the reduction of liquids automatically makes Juhayna Greek Yogurt more stable, with a shelf life of 45 days (with proper temperature and proper sealing).

Greek Yogurt is also known to be a good source of protein, which makes it one of the best go-to snacks or breakfast additions as well.


What Makes Juhayna Greek Yogurt More Beneficial

Most of the well-known benefits of Juhayna Greek Yogurt are not to be found in other store-bought yogurts labeled as “Greek-Style” yogurt or “Regular Yogurt”.

Health Benefits of Juhayna Greek Yogurt 
1. Reducing Appetite and Hunger

Since Juhayna Greek Yogurt contains 2x more protein, it helps to feel satiated for longer. Multiple studies have shown that consuming a diet rich in protein helps to eat less and to consume fewer calories; which is great for weight loss.

2. Improving Overall Metabolism

A diet rich in protein also increases the rate of calories burnt per day. Studies have clearly shown that including Greek Yogurt as part of your balanced diet increases its value, as it facilitates the consumption of fibrous carbohydrates and healthful fats which certainly support boosting overall metabolism.

3. Improving Gut Health

Probiotics are the healthy gut’s best friend! Consuming Greek Yogurt helps to restore the gut’s bacterial balance as it is rich in probiotics.

4. Encouraging Mental Health

When the gut is healthy the mind is healthy and vice-versa. Researches show that probiotics are also beneficial for mental health, this is resulting from the gut-brain relation. The gut plays a major role in creating neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which are essential in helping us feel less stressed, depressed, and anxious.

5. Improving Muscle Buildup

Researches show that the consumption of protein-rich foods, such as Greek Yogurt, can increase the build-up of muscle mass for those training with this intent.

6. Improving Bone Health

Researches also prove that calcium and protein are major assets to reduce the degeneration of bones.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure

Because Greek Yogurt is basically fermented milk that is rich in probiotics, it has been found that it can certainly help lowering blood pressure.

These are the reasons why we recommend anyone to enjoy this newly launched Greek Yogurt range by Juhaya, suitable for achieving a healthier lifestyle. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the joy and wellness.

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