Have you ever wondered if most Koreans always look so flawless because of their genes or if maybe the secret lied in their skincare routine?  I think you did or you wouldn’t end up here reading this. And you’re not alone.

I know that I for one have always wanted to have skin that glows like that. That’s why I started looking in Korean Beauty and it turns out that there is such a thing. It’s called K-Beauty and it’s not just all about skincare, it’s about living a healthy life and taking care of your skin using the steps mentioned below.


Healthy Lifestyle:

It’s really quite simple. In order to have healthy skin, you need to practice healthy living. You can do so by:


  1. Eliminating: Smoke, alcohols, caffeine, binge eating, and fast food.
  2. Eating: Healthier food, full of fruits, beans, vegetables, healthy carbs and don’t forget your Ginseng.
  3. Practice Sports: Being active is essential. It can be anything, from intense HIIT sessions to a gentle yoga flow.



To have skin that glows in all of its potential and gives off that healthy plump super hydrated looking you don’t have to stick to K-beauty products. You can do so by just following the steps below


First Step:

Cleansing Your Skin


1. Removing Oil-Based Impurities and Makeup Using an Oil Cleanser:

We all know that we need to cleanse our face. But, what most people don’t know is that a regular cleanse won’t effectively remove all oil-based and water-based impurities.

That’s why you need to use a cleanser that’s effective at riding your face from oil impurities. It doesn’t just act as a cleanser, it also can feel like a relaxing massage on your face. Use whatever oil cleanser you feel suits your skin best, just make sure it consists of natural oils like Coconut, Rice Bean, Jojoba, or Grapeseed.



2. Removing Water-Based Impurities by Using Water Cleanser:

Now, we suggest using this one before the oil-based cleanser. The water cleanser helps to remove water-based impurities such as sweat and dirt. Leaving your face ready for the oil cleanser.



3- Exfoliation

The Koreans don’t exfoliate on a daily basis. They do it just twice a week no more.

Doing this benefits your skin in so many ways.

  1. It evens out skin tone.
  2. Removes the blemished skin and clogged pores which will increase cell turnover.
  3. Eliminates really thin weak facial hairs.
  4. Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots.
  5. Help you skincare regimen penetrate deeper into your skin.


Second Step:

Preparing your Skin.

This step simply means you use a toner. Now, Koreans are famous for their special toners that sometimes (more often than you’d think) contain some form of snail extract, but you can use whatever toner you prefer. We love rose water as a toner. Just make sure you use something that helps to balance the pH of your skin as that’s how using a toner will benefit your skin. This also will allow your skin to absorb whatever moisturizer you use a lot better.



Third Step:

Heal your Skin

This is a step that not all of us are accostumed to. Before you use your moisturizer and right after your toner, use a healing serum or essence so to speak. This can come in many forms:

Essence: This is a serum-like substance that is mostly water-based and feels like feeding your skin water. It’s hydrating and can have anti-ageing ingredients, depending on the essence you’re using.

Serums and Ampoules: Use a serum or ampoule that directly treats whatever skin condition you’re trying to fix.

Sheet Masks: This actually represents the most important step of Korean skincare. Using a sheet mask twice or even three times a week will literally transform your skin! Keeping it on your face for 15 or 20 mins and then patting in whatever is left after you remove the mask, is a practice you need to integrate in your skincare routine.

Eye Cream: This is a step that you should already be doing if you’re doing right by your skin.


The Final Step:

Protect your Skin 

Moisturize: According to your skin type, you should be getting a moisturizer that’s right for you. Applying a moisturizer will help lock in all the moisture you just fed your skin.

Lip Balm: Make sure your lips aren’t neglected when you’re paying all this attention to your face.

Sunscreen: This should be the last thing you apply to your skin (and the most important.) This helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that can undo all the hard work you just put in. So, never forget this step!


Pro Tip:

If doing this routine before going to sleep. Just replace the sunscreen with a “Sleep Mask” (applied 2 or 3 times a week) which helps with skin regeneration while you sleep.



Now this is something that we should have commit to giving our face a gentle massage on a weekly basis to say the least. Ideally, you should be doing this once a day. It’s essential for skin healing and helping drain excess fluid from your face (eliminating puffiness.)

It also helps stimulate your lymphatic system that works on riding your body of toxins. Giving you clearer skin that’s well nourished (as massage helps your skin absord products better) and a lot more plump with proper circulation.


Facial Massage:

You can massage your face anytime you’d like but it’s prefered to do so when you’ve just applied your serum or essence as this will make your face slip that will allow you to massage your face without tugging on your skin.

Close your hands into a fist.

Gently move it along your cheek till your ears

Lightly press your fist there and move in circles (at least 4)

Repeat on both cheeks, for about 10 times.



  • Use the thumbs to make a gently pressure among your eyebrows in a liner movement from in to out. And then use both pointer and middle fingers to make another gently pressure in the area below the eyes. And repeat this movement 10 times at least.
  • close your hands in a fist shape, gently press the skin starting from the temples in a diagonal line for 3 seconds or longer. And again repeat no less than 10 times.
  • Full your right cheek with air and hold it for no less than 5 seconds, do the same for the left cheek. And finally, repeat for no less than 10 times.



That’s it! These are the steps you need if you truly want to give your skin the best of Korean Skincare. Now, go send this to everyone you know who’ve ever envied how flawlessly glowy and radiants Koreans’ skin looked. Just know that beauty isn’t about how your skin looks, it’s about how your soul shines through it.


So don’t sweat too much about how your skin looks, because just by doing this skincare routine with love your skin will glow from all the self care and self love you’ll be pouring into it!