Tarek El Nagar isn’t a professional fitness trainer. He didn’t study nutrition for years. He didn’t attend any of those fancy fitness programs. However, he was still able to make a 180-degree lifestyle transformation and went from a person with very unhealthy eating habits resulting in having his body fat mass percent to be 20, to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having only 10-12% body fat mass.“I want to share my journey with everyone so they can be motivated and know that there are no limits to your body capabilities. You only have to start with a strong determination and always upgrade your goals and knowledge.” – Tarek El Nagar

El Nagar started his health and fitness journey in July 2017, when his diet solely consisted of junk food and soda drinks on a daily basis. His job required sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day. At that time he weighed 100 kg, his shoulders and legs hurt all the time and he was just unhappy with how his body felt.

This was when he took the decision to quit drinking carbonated drinks and started an old school diet consisting of 3 meals a day. Like most people who decide to go on a diet, El Nagar went on the extremely low carb diet that consisted of fruit (1 or 2 bananas or apples) for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch and just a bowl of low-fat yogurt for dinner. He then quickly discovered it was not the healthiest or the best way to lose weight as it’s a diet that is highly lacking in a lot of what the body needs, nutrition wise. Even though he lost 5 kilos his first month, he knew his body needed a healthy lifestyle change and this diet was not it.


In August, El Nagar started to go to the gym, training 4 days a week, doing basic cardio (such as treadmill walking for 20 mins and push-ups). He followed this routine for one month. Then he started to search and read about dieting and nutrition in order to have a better insight into what nutrients his body needs. He also started Cycle Workout exercises where he would train focusing on one or two muscles each workout session for 5 days/week. El Nagar went through several diets in the following 2 months, before he found one that worked well for his body. Some of the diets he tried were “Low Calorie” Diet”, “Ketogenic Diet”, and he even tried being a vegetarian for a while as well. The last diet he tried and the one that worked best for his body was the Carb Cycling Diet Plan, and by mid-September, he lost 15 kg.


However, as we all know, the weight loss process hardly ever goes smoothly, and at this time El Nagar’s weight plateaued; he was only losing 1 kg per 2 weeks which led to him feel demotivated, which is pretty much how we’d all feel. But, unlike most people, he didn’t let this setback ruin all his hard work. He decided that he was doing this on his own for far too long. He researched all he could, dieted and meal-planned in all the ways he could find useful, but he thought that at this point that it was time he had to seek professional help and contact a personal trainer.


He changed his gym and went somewhere else that was renowned for its excellent personal trainers. He took meal planning to the next level. And, instead of weighing himself, he took pictures of himself (every 2 weeks) and started taking body measurements as a way to keep track of his progress alongside using the information his In-Body test reflected. Tarek found out that nutrition planning is 70% of the weight loss process, 15% is how well you sleep and 15% is your training. Using this information he was able to change his body fat mass from 20% (weighing 82 kg) to 6%. Although he, later on, learned that it wasn’t healthy to have your body fat mass lower than 10%, since you need that fat to ensure proper functioning of your organs and bodily functions.


El Nagar’s current plan is 5 meals/day and 45 mins workout time for 6 days a week. He sleeps from 12 till 7 am every day and follows the Carb Cycling Diet Plan, whereas a typical meal of his consists of clean carbs like rice, brown toast, and/or bananas, clean protein sources like grilled chicken breasts and fish, and natural fats like peanut butter and an assortment of nuts. He breaks his diet for 1 week to ensure that his body fat stays in the healthy 10-12 percentile. His weight as of last April is 72 kg.


We’re so happy The Daily Crisp is able to share his story with everyone because we all need to hear about a health and fitness success story that we can all relate to. We wish him all the best and you can keep track of his success on his Instagram.