Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Having said that, it’s natural for parents to want to overextend themselves and put in 100% every single day to excel at this job. But we’re also human. And as human beings it’s impossible to be extraordinary every single day. Some days you will be less than extraordinary, some days you will be just average. But that’s ok. Because even in our mediocrity, we are still there for our children putting their best interests ahead of ours. This mother shares her personal story of how she’s come to realize and accept that there is nothing wrong with being just an okay parent.

As a newly divorced mom with two kids, aged 2 and a 3, Kristina Kuzmic was completely broke and utterly depressed. She was no longer providing her kids with the same life she was capable of providing them pre-divorce and pre-depression, which made her feel guilty on top of everything else. She mentioned to her therapist during one of her therapy sessions that “I feel like I’ve become a crappy mother”, because she was no longer taking her kids out to the park and cooking delicious nutritious meals for them, like she used to. “I just stick them in front of the TV, sometimes for hours, so I can hide in the bedroom and cry,” she said.

Kristina’s therapist responded with the words every struggling mother wants to hear. He said, “You are an amazing mom, you’re at your rock bottom, you’re at a really bad place but you still make sure the needs of your children are met.” He took every bad thing she said about herself and turned it around and showed her that, contrary to what she thought of herself, that she was simply doing the best job she could in a bad situation. “You are so depressed but you don’t want them seeing that all the time so you stick them in front of their favorite cartoons so they can laugh and be entertained while you hide and cry in the bedroom by yourself. That’s so selfless”

A change in perspective was enough to make Kristina realize how good of a mother she was, and that other peoples opinions of her being a ‘bad mom’ was irrelevant and incorrect. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to make you realize that you are good enough. Being a good mother does not depend on whether you can cook them healthy gourmet meals or take them to the park everyday. Sometimes, just being there, making sure they are taken care of and doing your best under the circumstances is enough.


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