We all know by now all the reasons why the one product we need to stock up on this summer (and winter) is sunscreen. We know how often you need to apply it, what sunscreen specifications to look for and just how much you need to apply each time.
So what is this product we’re talking about that will revolutionize your sunscreen world? It’s La Roche Posay’s Anthelios 50+ Invisible Face Mist. Here are 7 reasons why this product is going to be your new stable this summer (again and winter).

Absorbs Quickly

It takes 3 seconds to be specific to absorb into your skin. This means you can apply it in the morning before your makeup when you’re in a hurry and not have to wait for it to absorb before your skincare routine.

Speaking of Makeup

This product actually works as a makeup fixer. That means that all you ladies who refuse to re-apply your sunscreen because it might ruin your flawless foundation can do so without any more excuses. It’s so easy to apply, you just spray it on your face and you’re good to go. Make sure to re-apply every 2 hours and right after you get out the water.


No White Marks

Did we mention this was an invisible face mist because it is? Just like the original Anthelios 50+, it won’t leave any white marks on your face, so you don’t need to rub it in after you spray it. This also means great news to your makeup and even better to your hands. No need to get your hands sticky. Actually, they won’t get sticky even if you do rub it in because of the next reason.


Non-sticky Finish

This face mist won’t leave your face all sticky as most sunscreens do. This is beyond convenient especially if you’re on the beach. I can’t count the times I re-applied my sunscreen only to end with sticky hands and a face that somehow attracts the sand on the beach. If you know what I’m talking about you’ll know that there are fewer things more annoying than getting rid of sticky sand from your hands and face while you’re trying to enjoy yourself on the beach.

High Protection, UVA and UVB

The first time you’re going to apply this product you’re going to doubt if it actually does anything because of how light and easy it is to apply. We assure you that by using this face mist you are just as protected from UVA and UVB as you would be if you had applied the regular Anthelios 50+ sunscreen. It’s highly effective and suitable for sensitive skin as well.


I love a shiny face, said no one ever. That’s why this product is practically perfect for everyone. It’s completely anti-shine, so it can actually help mattify your skin. This gives you another great reason to re-apply this sunscreen to eliminate any shine your face might have acquired along the day.

It Feels Heavenly on a Hot Day

This mist is so light and so airy when applying to the point that it truly feels like you spray your face with cold air. This is the best thing you could wish for when it’s particularly hot outside and your face feels like it’s going to melt right off. You can now get a refreshing mist of coolness on your face while simultaneously protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays, can I get a Hallelujah!
There you go, 7 reasons why this new La Roche Posay product is seriously the first thing you need to pack in your summer essentials bag. We kid you not you’re going to love applying this on your face so much, you’re going to want to reapply it more than just every 2 hours.