Sustainability is slowly but surely finding its way to becoming part of the Egyptian culture.

It is known that when opting for great achievements one should set small stepping stones and pave the way to the final desired result. 

Today’s Crisp News is about one of what could be considered a major stepping stone towards making the sustainability friendly lifestyle easily accessible to all in Cairo.

In 2017, the eco-friendly recycling Service “Go Clean” was launched. This service was initially targeting businesses, factories, schools, offices, etc…

Since April 2019, Go Clean decided to enlarge its circle of reach by embracing everyday regular customers as well.


Here Are The Steps To How This First Eco-Friendly Recycling Service in Egypt Works.

It’s very simple:

  1. Start by separating your trash in 3: Paper, Plastic, Metal.
    1. Paper: regular paper, books, tissues, paper bags, paper cups, etc…
    2. Plastic: water bottles, shampoo/soap bottles, plastic wrap, plastic cups/cutleries, etc…
    3. Metal: Pepsi cans, tuna cans, canned food cans, etc…
  2. Once you need to get rid of the trash, contact Go Clean via phone, WhatsApp or email.
  3. Go Clean representative will come to you, wherever you are.
  4. The trash will be weighed and exchanged for money or household products (any amount of trash is accepted).

How much more rewarding can a service be? Go Clean not only is helping the environment and making a trash-free life become possible, however, it also is saving cash (depending on the amount of trash consumed).

This is a video in Arabic to help you move through the steps and for contact info.

Yalla, share this article with your friends, family and even at work. Make people around more aware of how they can contribute to making the earth a more pleasantly habitable place.