They always say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and Heba Gabaly is a perfect example of why that saying is pretty much on point. We sat down with the young mom to know all about her busy life as an entrepreneur, designer, and mother.

When did you decide to become a fashion designer?

It all started when I got pregnant and I started the journey of baby shopping; like every mom I was shocked by the prices of both international and local brands. So, I wondered why not manufacture my girl’s own wardrobe? Surprisingly, I received very positive feedback from my family and friends about the quality and look of my initial designs. This motivated me to start a full-fledged local line of comfy babywear.

Can you tell us more about your brand?

Tea Party Baby & Toddler Wear is an Egyptian homegrown brand designed to have our baby girls twirl in beautiful  garments crafted to last for generations. The designs bring back the flair of the much missed high tea parties. Thus, it is inspired by the traditional tea party dress up and pretend games.

How would you describe your latest collection in 3 words?

Charming. Timeless. Easy-to-wear

What differentiates your designs from others?

I find my collection very baby friendly in the sense that the designs are age appropriate. Also, I have an eye for detail so I always make sure all my designs are seamless and comfortable. From leg and neck openings, to loose elastics, to convenient snaps, buttons and label tags- everything is taken care of.

What is your personal favorite piece that you have designed?

The Bubble Bum Romper. I love the style, the ruffles on the shoulders, the buttons and, of course, the color of the fabric. I basically added an air of uniqueness to a typical baby outfit that never goes out of style.

What are some pieces of advice you would give to someone who is starting their own brand?

If you have an idea that you believe in, never ever give up on it. If you fail or don’t do that well in the beginning, keep trying several times, search for alternative solutions. You may fail once, twice or a hundred times, but at the end you will definitely reach your goal if you have the will and the grit.

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