How many times have you heard the saying, girls have become too independent?

Women who have their own business are now perceived as being threats because they no longer feel like they need men to support them financially. Married women don’t feel like they NEED to stay married for the financial support because they can earn their own income and support themselves. They can easily replace men because they have their own money.

This is not what independence is all about. On the contrary, women who work are not a threat to society, and should not be perceived as such. Having said that, some women fail to grasp the concept of independence. Independence isn’t throwing your family and love life under the bus, neither is it choosing to waste your college degree and/or brains just because you can.

Amira Shohdi, of Nos Masry articulates it perfectly when she points out that work isn’t just about the money you’re going to make. That it’s about having a purpose and direction in life. Shohdi says, “Work is a beautiful part of life, work is a commitment, work is responsibility, work is maturity. It’s hard, it takes effort. You wake up everyday and do something that can be so difficult and so stressful but it really creates one hell of a character. ”

Work isn’t confined to a set of specific jobs and specific tasks. What matters is that you find what you love and do that. Just do something. Sometimes, when you have young children, it’s difficult to juggle both and it’s hard to divide your attention. But once the kids have grown up, find your passion and do something about it.

When it comes to divorce, Shohdi rejects the idea that a woman’s profession is the reason for divorce. Women don’t get married for money, she remarks, they get married for the promise of a future, to build a family because life is not the same without a partner to share it with. Women don’t marry a “bank”, she says. For those who feel like they want a bank, then go and be your own bank.

She also makes a strong point for sisterhood and for women to support one another. We are used to men undermining us, and we know why. But, as women, we should not undermine each other. Because ultimately that is a trail that we will pass on to our children, either by teaching girls that they shouldn’t aspire to much, or by teaching boys that their future partners should not have ambition.


Watch her full video below