They once said that if a child learns to read, reading will teach him everything. But how do we get our children to love reading like the good old days when books were everyone’s sole entertainment before iPhones and iPads took over?

We have a simple answer that happens to be celebrated worldwide every March: Storytelling.

It is as simple as bringing your child a good picture book, sitting next to him, and flipping through the pages as your read it out loud with all your senses.

Now, you’ve got yourself a fresh new tool to influence your children in any given matter you want to discuss with them and here’s why:


No Parenting Parachute

Many parents have a major problem that if they address their children directly in any issue whether big or small, their children usually abstain from following their orders, attempting to free themselves from their parents’ constant authority, i.e. their “parachute”. So voila! Storytelling feels like a third person talking to the child and not the parent at the time.


Behavioral Misconduct

You know when your child acts out in an undesirable way and you’ve tried all possible ways to help him adjust it, but all was in vain? Yes, there’s where storytelling comes and fixes that. Reading books about cleanliness and bath-time helps children who just hate that, while reading stories about bullying helps them stand up to themselves if they ever need that. Stories just give the child a different perspective and give them ideas on dealing with their problems in simpler words that they can relate to.


Quality Time

All parenting experts swear by how just 10 minutes of quality time a day spent with your child can make a huge difference in your relationship with them. And guess what can be done in those 10 minutes? Reading a story or two! So next time you’re short in time and want to spend some quality time with your child, bring a book and read it to them. A couple of hugs and a cuddle would be a plus too!

Also, always remember that there’s no such thing like “My child does not like books!”. It’s just that he’s not been exposed to the right book yet! So keep trying until you find the perfect book that will take your child into the magical world books and reading.