The financial instability occurring due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is hard to disregard. Founders of small startups are currently the ones finding the current circumstances jeopardizing their businesses.

Nothing can guarantee anything to anyone at this point in time; however, these tips can make sure your business’s name keeps up with its reputation and remains present in the field.


Building Fellowship


The biggest concern of any business founder during this pandemic should certainly be to build fellowship.

Make it a goal to introduce more people to what you have done and what you can offer now.

Due to quarantine people are on their phone most of the time; hence, the paid ad they could have skipped a month ago became something they would stop and look at now.

Exposure is the current currency. And remember to collaborate with other platforms!


Content Creation

Whatever it is that you do, in this phase, you have to learn how to make content creation of all types.

Alongside building fellowship, you can focus on learning how to create new content for your business on your own. Story takeovers, virtual workshops, activities, challenges, and live streams are all events you should be looking for and taking part in these days.

Here are some ideas of what each business can be opting for during these days as per content.

  1. If you are running an apparel brand, you might want to approach a professional fashion stylist or designer and have them stream live through your account.
  2. If you provide open mic nights, you can initiate virtual open mic nights.
  3. Ask your team to record videos capturing people behind the scenes of the actual content.
  4. Take at home photoshoots of your product, trying different angles, lighting, and filters to reach the desired outcome.

You get the idea!

These initiatives will not only help to build your feed on social media; however, they will also give you long-lasting skills.


Focus on Your Ambition

Remind yourself of the motives for which you decided to start this business.

Remember that you love what you do and that is why you’re doing it.

These reminders will help you sort out your priorities in life and cope with the limited resources of the current situation. Showing support and offering help to other platforms is also a way to get going through this time, so make sure to remember this and initiate it as well.