The pain is real. We are utterly shocked, wholly confused and completely dismayed by last night’s election results. So, let us grieve today. But tomorrow, tomorrow we move forward with our heads held high.

Let us recognize that there has been an awakening. While many of us felt that our system was flawed, never did we feel its sting as deeply as we did last night. Perhaps, we relied too heavily on our past great successes that we failed to recognize the deep divide. For many, Hillary Clinton was the personification of our “establishment” – one which they did not trust nor did they want to continue to support. Yesterday, they were heard, but that does not mean we have been silenced.

So what to do now? We look straight into the light of the truth and allow it to guide us towards unity rather than blind us into chaos. I refuse to allow hatred and fear to consume my thoughts and my emotions. I must ask myself, can I love now? Yes, it easy it is love those who share our beliefs, our blood, our culture, but real love is unconditional. It does not distinguish between race, ethnicity or party lines. Now, more than ever I am called to act, to love, to pray. I recognize that I am not without fault, thus I will not be tempted to point the finger. We are all part of the problem, as we are all part of the solution. So, I stand beside my brothers and sisters, particularly those who have been the subject of ridicule, discrimination and bigotry during this election process. I will not abandon them, I will empower, engage and advocate.

Of course, I never imagined that my son’s first president would be Donald Trump, especially eight years after electing the first African American President of the United States. And I agree, that our sons and daughters are being raised in interesting and challenging times but I assure you, greatness is forged in the face of adversity. I have hope for our future. And I have hope in the fact that our country is more than its President… it is you, it is me, it is our neighbor. Let us restore trust where it has been eroded and continue to fight for a free, just, safe and loving world for ALL people.

Oh, and now we can confidently tell our children, ANYONE can be president. Love more, do more, and definitely pray more.

As a mother, a Latina, a social worker, a woman, a fellow human,

I love you,

Marcia Canedo Sainick