Have you heard of Prenatal Yoga? We believe it’s one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your tiny, growing baby, during pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga is an excellent option when expecting. The yoga poses that you do strengthen your back, hips, arms and shoulders and relieves muscular tension; making it easier to carry the extra baby weight. Yoga also calms your nervous system as you take deep breaths, helping you to relax and detach from the world around you.

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Healthy Diet
Proper nutrition during pregnancy is key! It’s essential for your baby’s growth and development. Eating a well balanced diet and maintaining consistency when taking your daily prenatal vitamins is not to be taken lightly.

What should be eaten for a balanced diet?

  • 6-11 servings of breads and grains
  • 2-4 servings of fruit
  • 4 servings of vegetables
  • 4 servings of dairy products
  • 3 servings of protein sources

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What should you avoid?

  • Undercooked Meat
  • Salad dressings that have raw eggs in them – Caesar Salad dressing, hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise etc
  • Cold Cuts & Hot Dogs
  • Raw Shellfish – Oysters
  • Unpasteurized Milk

Looking Good – Chic Maternity Wear
When it comes to maternity wear, it’s almost impossible to find something decent in Egypt. But that’s not how it should be. We’ve found two amazing venues for chic maternity wear that you won’t be able to get enough of!

We came across Noppies at City Stars, a one of a kind store that has beautiful maternity wear and offers exclusive brands who display their maternity wear only at their stores. They’ve got a huge range of sizes and styles that will definitely keep you comfy and have you looking good. They also have baby and kids clothes from 0-8 years old, so you can shop for your new angel while you’re at it.

We also discovered Nine & Beyond, an Egyptian label redefining expecting and motherhood style. They’ve brought a genius concept to life; wearing the same garment during and after pregnancy, and making your life just perfect. Shop their winter collection now.

Picking out a Name – The Big Decision
Here are a few suggestions of what’s trending to help you brainstorm.

Baby Girl: Layla, Solima, Lamah, Camilla, Roushan, Kinda, Nadia, Nelly. Asia, Amina. Carmen. Sherifa, Lina. Mariam. Nour, Razan. Layal

Rowayda. Halia, Shahira, Janna. Khadija, Habiba, Mia, Tia, Hanna, Kenzy, Diyala, Hana, Yara, Fayrouz, Layan, Lina, Zeina, Tala, Dalida

Nariman, Batoul, Rokyah, Rokkayah, Zahra, Fateema, Saja, Jude, Ghaz-elle, Misk, Safeya, Safya, Leen, Kady, Loreen, Tolin, Delara, Jasmine, Jouayra, Taleen & Cerine

Baby Boy: Al-ey, Zayd, Yazzan, Nadim, Younes, Hussein, Hassan, Ismail, Aly, Saleh, Youssef, Omar, Saleh, Tameem, Nouh, Aziz, Mansour

Taqiy, Salman, Safiy El Deen, Moaz, Tarek, Taher, Abdel Rahman, Sherif, Seif, Ezz el Deen, Zein, Karim, Amgad, Morad, Solayman. Belal, Daoud, Rostom, Taha, Eyad

Ammar, Amer, Ryan, Adam, Adham, Karram, Elyas, Taym, Anas, Zaher, Noaman, Mounir, Taymour, Tamer, Soufian, Asser, Ibrahim, Eissa, Waleed, Ramy, Abou Bakr & Zeyad


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