Whether you heard it from your grandmother, or it was passed on to you by your older sister, when it comes to skin myths, don’t believe everything you hear. With all the hype around anti-ageing products, must try cosmetics, and DIY facials, it’s hard to separate myths from facts. Here are 5 skin care myths debunked:

You don’t need sun block in the winter
Wrong! Even on cloudy days, UV rays from the sun reaches the earth’s surface and causes damage to the skin. Apply sun screen every two hours when you’re out in the morning, and even on the darkest of days.

You can treat cellulite
Sorry girls, but no can do. Unfortunately there’s no permanent fix for cellulite, however, there are a few things you can do to minimize the look of it. Creams that contain aminophylline, to skin brushing and LPG are a few remedies that will improve the situation, but only temporarily.  Consult with a nutritionist on the best diet plan to follow to improve the orange-peel appearance, and make sure you hit the gym to bust those fat cells and tone up.

Shaving makes hair grow back thicker
Yep, that’s a myth. The only reason you think it’s growing back thicker is because the blunt edges of the hair are all growing back at the same time. When waxing, that’s not the case. Waxing removes the entire follicle from the roots and so hair re-grows in cycles, therefore not appearing as dense. The best time to shave is at night, during a long, hot bath. Lather up with some shaving cream or conditioner and you’re good to go.

Applying foundation and moisturizer in upward strokes prevents wrinkles 
Skin is elastic, so when stretched it returns back to its original position. Pulling your skin in one direction for hours at a time (like when you’re sleeping on your right side every night) will give you wrinkles; however stroking your face with a foundation brush for a maximum of 5 minutes a day won’t cause any harm. Although wrinkles are inevitable, don’t worry too much if you forgot to stroke upwards this time. Anti-aging creams rich in collagen do restore your skin’s elasticity, so make sure you buy a day or night cream that will replenish your skin.