Last week the TDC’s Social Media Manager and I went to Lotus Wellness Center to try one of their best selling classes, Crystal Healing. Here’s what happened to both of us.

What is Crystal Healing?

You can find the video on our Instagram where Lamia the owner of Lotus and crystal healing practitioner explains exactly what crystal healing is. But to give you a mere brief, it’s basically the use of semi-precious crystals such as Quartz, Amethyst to create an energy grid around the body to help it heal physically and emotionally. This is done by placing the crystals on the body’s chakras (energy spots).


What happens in the session?

It’s an hour-long session where you sleep on your back for the first half and then on your stomach on the second half, and it’s done with only you in the room. It starts with Lamia asking if you have high blood pressure, as the use of crystals on the body might affect those with hypertension.

She then lets you relax on a bed of flat pillows on the floor, making sure you’re completely comfortable with some light relaxing music in the background. She even makes sure the temperature of the room is to your liking! After that, she starts adding this calming blend of essential oils on the crystals she’ll use on you only after asking you if you like this scent or if irritates you in any way.


Then she places the crystals on your starting at from your right hand, then your left. then between your eyes and on your forehead. You don’t hear it but because I was curious about everything that’s happening as it was happening I noticed that she speaks to the crystals (in a whisper) before she places them on you. When I asked her what she says she told me because these crystals were programmed before (under the moonlight of the last full moon) they are now able to do as she asks them. She asks them to purify and disintegrate fully and completely all negative energy and negative thought forms in the body area the crystal was being placed on (ex: my right hand).


I was then asked to relax completely, making sure I wasn’t holding any tension in any part of my body. I closed my eyes and imagined the crystals working, ridding my energy of any negativity. I was guided by Lamia to imagine their effect healing any physical or emotional pain I had.

I didn’t see this part because I had my eyes closed but I saw her doing it when she was doing the session on Yasmine. Lamia was doing these hand gestures in the air with so much focus and heart with her eyes closed. When I asked her what they were, she said she was scanning the body’s chakra’s seeing if any of them was out of balance.

My Experience After

When Lamia was placing the crystals on my body I slowly felt this energy going through me, at first I thought it was just in my head honestly. Then as she was placing the one between my eyes, I instantly felt energy course through the upper part of my face right to my upper jaw, as this area just got woken up.

But here’s what’s even weirder!

The minute she placed a crystal on my forehead, I got a headache. I mean instantly. I thought at first I was imagining it but then it started being more prominent and that area started to heat up and almost gave me this burning feeling. I didn’t know what it meant, and I thought I was getting a skin reaction to the oil she covered the crystal with.


So I asked her mid-session if the burning sensation was normal and she immediately asked if I had a headache. By then the headache had gone away, but it was replaced with surprise regarding how she knew I had one! She asked me if the pain was enough for me to bare and reassured me that it was normal because this chakra was just being activated.


After The Session

She told me that she scanned my chakras and thankfully I didn’t have a specific chakra that’s not in balance. She also noted that I was really sensitive to energy

I finished the session feeling better than I felt in a long time. Even now, almost a week after the session I still feel like I speak better, I articulate my thoughts better, I move more and I feel more connected to my self.


Here’s What Happened with Yasmine

After cleansing the crystals after using them on myself, she started to place them on Yasmine. She didn’t get the burning sensation I felt but what was really interesting was what Lamia told her afterward.

After scanning her chakras she told Yasmine in private that her chakras were balanced all except the heart chakra. She told her that there was someone in her life she hasn’t forgiven. What’s almost scary is that all of that was true. Yasmine then asked her what she should do to get her heart chakra back in balance and Lamia gave her a heart meditation for her to do.

She left the session feeling refreshed and much more relaxed because she didn’t know how tense she was until after she did the crystal healing.


Would We Do It Again?

Most definitely! We actually were discussing with Lamia when we could come again because we both knew we wanted to do it again. If you want to try Crystal Healing for yourself, head over to the Lotus Wellness Center and get yourself a healing session your soul will thank you for.