11950295_10153575198394082_4513225845561724465_o (1)Kareem Yasser,  managing partner of Crossfit Engine 38.

Despite it being one of the most popular and publicized workouts out there, people still have no idea what CrossFit is. Kareem Yasser, managing partner and CF-L2 Coach at CrossFit Engine 38, brings a whole new perspective of this sport to our culture. Here’s what he how describes it: “CrossFit is a sport that uses functional movements at a high intensity. It prepares you for a better quality life using different routines. It is a sport for anyone and everyone!” We had the pleasure of meeting up with Kareem during our Crossfit Engine 38 session. He let us in on the secrets behind CrossFit and taking this intense-style training to the next level.

Kareem had started CrossFit in 2011 with his friend and partner, Mourad Gaber. CrossFit grabbed his attention mainly because he was able to see quicker results from it than any other sport. Along with the rest of his partners, Kareem was eager to help his team and other individuals become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves through this unique sport.

If you ever wondered what the difference between CrossFit training and other weight management programs is, according to Kareem, CrossFit is a fitness program that increases a person’s “General Physical Preparedness”. It makes you stronger, faster and increases your endurance making you a well-rounded athlete. This is achieved through the way the sport is structured where the workouts are different everyday and there is no repetition. This way, your body does not get used to the workout and you constantly see change in your body over time. Also, this structure maximizes your body’s neuroendocrine response, which is the breakdown that happens during exercise and the rebuilding that occurs during the recovery stage.

image1 (18) (1)                                                Eid with Crossfit Engine 38 with Mourad Gaber.

CrossFit Engine 38 is a program that involves short, medium and long workouts with different combinations of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio. Everyday is a different workout, which follows a program written by Crossfit Engine 38’s coaches. In order to track an athlete’s progress, Kareem recommends measuring and recording your workout. That way, you can outline your progress easily and make adjustments accordingly.

Of course, nutrition and exercise work hand in hand, so we asked Kareem what he thought the ideal meal plan was for a person looking to lose weight and a person looking to gain muscle. His exact words were, “The most important thing for an athlete is to fuel his body with real food.” What this means is to avoid processed food and refined sugars completely. He also emphasized taking a look at The Zone Diet, which revolves around the idea that every meal must be balanced in macronutrients, which are protein, carbohydrates and fats. Kareem made it clear to us that our carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables especially if you’re looking to lose weight. However, if you’re looking to gain muscle then your carbohydrate intakes should be from foods such as potatoes, brown rice and beetroots.

11010504_1640056646206479_1395832498098936425_n (1)Kareem believes that to attain a healthy and fit lifestyle, one should train no less than three days a week and be sure that there is no overtraining. He believes that the golden rule to exercise it to “Listen to your body!” CrossFit results in mental toughness. You learn a lot about yourself – how far you can go and fight your way through tough workouts but also life in general.

Wondering whether or not to join CrossFit? What makes CrossFit stand out is that athletes there consider it as their second home and second family. The coaches there are constantly seeking to get better through developing themselves and the athletes that they train in order to see those quick, satisfying and guaranteed results we’re all after.

11692477_1652576578287819_1150320670956412871_n (1)CrossFit Engine 38 classes are held at Sodic Westown Hub. You can check their website at www.crossfitengine38.com for their class schedule and how to join. And be sure to follow CrossFit Engine 38 on their Facebook and Instagram pages for live updates!