We love working out. So we’re trying and testing all the latest fitness crazes taking over Cairo and sharing them here with you. Read on for workouts that’ll make you look and feel good.

Ignite Egypt

A big part of the appeal of working out is the challenge: You give it everything you’ve got – pushing, pulling, running, sweating- and in the end you’re rewarded with that feeling of physical and mental accomplishment. But not all work out experiences are created equal. Not every routine sculpts you the way you like. Not every movement gets your heart pumping the way you wanted it to. And not every performance is a solid one.

We were lucky to meet Hussein Abdel Dayem, founder of Ignite and Egypt’s first Performance Specialist, a pioneer for results driven workouts that you and your body need most. As a Performance Specialist, Hussein studied science and sports, developing a greater understanding of how the human body reacts to exercise, training, different environments and many other stimuli. He put into perspective-through the challenging performance programs he’s created at Ignite – exactly how and why exercise should be good for you.

Ignite has put in work and gained success with over 50 professional athletes, ranging from football players and tennis players to fencers. Fitness and training is for everybody, however, not just professional athletes, and Ignite has successfully managed to acknowledge that fact. By offering their training programs to males and females of all ages, shapes and sizes, Ignite makes sure to leave no one behind.

IMG-20150628-WA0023Nahed Salem (Left), Hussein Abdeldayem, Eid Nasser (Right)

We joined Ignite’s team for the day, making us realize just how much we needed to boost our fitness levels – a whole lot! Five warm-up laps, a lap of lunges, planks, and running up and down the bleachers was no easy feat. Coach Hussein was very attentive to us though, and every other member of the group, assisting those who needed help to maintain good form and positioning throughout each and every exercise. We learned quickly that working out in a group is extremely motivating. The feeling that everyone around you is striving to achieve the same goal helps you get in the zone and give 100%, start to finish.

 What makes Ignite special is that their training and exercise is based on science and proven results. Ignite does not cross their fingers and hope for the best – they set a goal and they know the numbers required to achieve it. To put it simply, they know exactly what they are doing. For far too long in Egypt, the bare minimum in training has been accepted as exceptional for some reason. Ignite is here to help us cross boundaries and create training programs which are truly worthy of being labeled as exceptional.

IMG-20150628-WA0041 (1)Round of stretches to finish off the session

Ignite provides two month programs divided into 40 sessions with each session being an hour long. The program is just enough time to see and feel results and be hungry for more. So if you are looking to challenge yourself and be a part of an enthusiastic team that doesn’t give up, Ignite is the place to go.

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