We’ve been wondering for sometime now what it’s actually like to try Pole Fitness, and if we could look as cool and graceful as the pictures of people swinging from their poles that have swarmed our feeds. We headed over to Pole Fit Egypt in Garden City; they have another branch in Fitbox – Heliopolis, to try their Newcomers Introductory class. Here’s the scoop of exactly what went down and what you can expect if you decide to try PoleFit Egypt (PFE).


 The Space: Walking into PFE feels like stepping into a cozy home, the place, the atmosphere and the people are all welcoming. The class was held in one of their many studios, one of the small cozy classes.

The Appeal: Definitely appealing to anyone who is looking to try something new and exciting.

The Class:

Instructors Name: Mint

Class Name: Newcomers Introductory

What is It? Pole Fitness focuses on the athletic side of working with a pole, focusing on strength, grace and body control.

Timing: Fridays at 12:30 pm (always check the schedule to be sure of any changes)

How It Went:

The class started with a 10 minutes discussion where Mint explained the do’s and don’ts, the rules and expectations of pole fitness. The studio where the class was held, not the main one, is not too big as the class only had 4 students attending. This allowed Mint to focus on every little detail while she was giving the class, the size of the group allowed the class to be very focused and comfortable. Especially with a sport like Pole Fitness, trying it out for the first time can be a little intimidating so the mixture of having a small group and an enthusiastic instructor made me, personally, feel at ease.

The class started off with a basic teaching of what the pole is and how we should handle it, basic grips and how to move around the pole. We then started with a warm-up, which was pretty intense and definitely had my heart rate shooting up and ready for the pole practice that was coming up after. Once everyone was comfortable enough to start learning, we jumped into our first few moves, which looked very easy as Mint performed them. I was definitely too quick to judge. Mint showed us how to swing around the pole, spin like firemen and climb the pole! Her grace and enthusiastic personality made me believe that I could do all the moves she was teaching us and I ended up doing almost all of them! The class was very mixed, everyone had a different fitness background and level yet we all managed to do the whole class and learn a few moves. You never believe that people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels can pull themselves up on a pole and spin but i’ve actually seen it happen and it really is a sport for all!

Mint took her time with each one of us, she gave focus where it was needed and stopped to assist individuals when assistance was required. She definitely kept motivation levels pretty high throughout the entire class. We finished the class by combining all the moves we were taught, gracefully might I add. It was a bittersweet ending, as I was high on enthusiasm and wanted to learn more moves! We finished our routine and cooled down with a nice stretch to relax our muscles.

Positivity radiated in the studio as I was walking around, everyone is friendly and somehow you feel like you fit in perfectly. It isn’t just a place you go to workout and leave directly, people were mingling in the lounge before and after their workouts. The atmosphere there is very warming and welcoming. A big part of the experience was the instructor, Mint, her mixture of being dead serious and yet very friendly and motivating played a big part in the overall experience of the class. She is definitely the heart of the place and made a challenging first class feel easy and exciting.

The Aftermath: This class is a fun way to work your muscles; it was definitely an engaging workout for all muscles. Regarding recovery, I could still feel some soreness in my arms and legs two days later. There were a couple of bruises, which we were told would happen and is expected. The best thing about Pole Fitness is that it really is for anyone and everyone, doesn’t matter if it’s your first ever sports experience or if you’re a pro athlete!

Loved: It definitely didn’t feel like a workout, until it was over and I could feel all my muscles sore. I spun and climbed the pole in ways I didn’t think I could. It definitely becomes addictive once you see yourself doing things you didn’t know your body was capable of.

Disliked: Nothing!

Cost: 150 LE per walk-in class (strength/flexibility/yoga/tricks classes) or you can buy a package for the pole school

They have an upcoming Santa Baby Workshop, with an international instructor, for 1400LE (30% less than normal packages) for those interested in finding out what pole fitness is all about.

Difficulty Level: Suitable for all levels, the class is for anyone who has no idea what PoleFit is and wants to start. It’s actually a prerequisite to any pole class.

Bottom Line: I recommend this class for anyone who wants to see what pole fitness actually is. Or anyone who hates working out and wants to work their muscles in a fun way. There is definitely strength straining included while you twist and jump and climb the pole. Yet you don’t feel like you’re exerting too much effort.

How would you judge the class from 1-10 for:

  • Sweat: 7
  • Fun: 10
  • Difficulty: 7

More Info: For more details, class and practitioner schedules and contact information, get in touch with PoleFit Egypt through their websiteFacebook and Instagram.