Fish is a favorite when it comes to healthy food and clean eating. Most fish are full of good fats, rich in protein and are known to help combat heart disease and promote a healthy brain.

While most fish do present these benefits, there are a few types of fish that if consumed regularly or excessively will not have these effects on the body. These are mainly the fish that are contaminated, with either mercury, antibiotics or other harmful chemicals.

To avoid filling your body with unwanted chemicals and risking your health, take a look at our guide to which types of fish you should  avoid. The following are fish that are high in mercury and should be limited in consumption to the recommended intake of once a month.



King mackerel



Feseekh (salted grey mullet fish)

Feseekh is rotten fish that is excessively salted and usually consumed in Easter.The process by which this fish is prepared can increase the consumer’s risk of catching botulism, which in severe cases can result in death.

Photocredit: Egyptian Streets