After opening on the 11th of November, this new and specialized studio invited us in for a look. Upon arriving, we were happy to find the location accessible with space for parking. It gives a sense of calm even from the outside, on the quiet, tree-lined street. Luckily, that’s exactly what Tula aims to provide.

Founder and owner, Dahlia Helmy, explained to us what it’s all about. As a yoga practitioner and instructor herself, she envisioned a communal space for building relationships around wellbeing and self-development. Taking on yoga alone can often feel like an overwhelming task, not knowing where to begin or how to progress forward, which is why having support like Tula offers makes all the difference. Tula translated from Sanskrit means ‘balance’ or ‘scale’, and truly reflects their mission.

Upon entering, you’ll find a main yoga hall where classes are held. The airy, sunny space is inviting as the hall opens to a cozy, multi-functional room for guests to meet, wait and relax. Cushions and rugs warm up the place, along with candles and a variety of plants. There is storage for belongings and a spacious bathroom for changing, complete with fresh washcloths and hygiene products.

On the schedule is an array of classes and services given by different instructors. So far, that includes Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Prenatal (a specialization of Helmy’s). One class we wondered about is called Urban Zen, which we were excited to find is a soothing, restorative class including a variety of props and essential oils; a pretty perfect way to end a crazy week. There are even Thai and Chi Nei Tsang. Translated as “organ chi transformation”, Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage blending Chinese and Thai methods in order to increase the flow of energy, or chi. For early birds out there, Sundays through Thursdays come with a unique offering of open hours from 5:00-7:00AM for self-practice and meditation, free of charge.

In the future, Tula aims to host a variety of workshops and gatherings covering topics like healthy eating, philosophy and more.

A space for women to gather and grow seems like a great and exciting opportunity in Cairo. Given the daily stress of big-city living, we can safely say we hope to make it back again and look forward to where Tula is headed.

For information on scheduling, prices, class descriptions and more, visit Tula’s Facebook page or website.