You know when you walk into a room and fall in love with its style? You don’t know what it is or what it’s called, but you like what you see.

Interior design is a world filled with colors, materials, textures, and lighting that merge together to make one space. There are many different types of styles that make up the history of Interior Design, however, knowing these different styles is crucial to understanding ‘what is design’.

Styles range from Classical European to Bohemian and Eclectic designs. Classical styles include French, English, Italian, Art Deco, Gothic, and many more. In order for us to understand contemporary design, we need to take a closer look into the different types of designs used today.

ContemporaryLiterally, this style relates to what is currently happening now in today’s design world. In reality, designers tend to mix different elements from a couple of styles to come up with a more unique interior. For example, Modern furniture and French pieces create the perfect Contemporary mix.

ModernStraight lines and modern materials create this sleek look. Modern design uses big open spaces, basic colors and functional solutions that break from tradition.


VintageThis type of design can also be associated with Shabby Chic, as it is a blend of English, French, and Rustic styles. To complete this traditional look you can mix pastel colors, patterned fabrics and antique furniture with exposed wood.

shabbyShabby Chic

Mid-Century Modern

UntitledThis is one of the most iconic looks of design representing a clean and sophisticated look. It’s famous for the Eames product lines, walnut wood finishes, and contrasting brushed brass features.

industrialReminiscent of the Industrial Era, this look emphasizes the use of steel, unfinished wood, exposed brick and raw ceiling elements.

eclecticThe eclectic style is best described as a mixture of several styles, simply taking the best of each style and combining them together. So a classical armchair, a contemporary sofa, vintage chest, funky modern artwork and an antique rug can complete this look. Personally my favorite, this look is unpredictable and always changing.