I can already see some eyes rolling at the title. What mostly comes to mind when spirituality is mentioned is a multicolored outfit, long, crazy hair, and probably the smell of weed. Or alternatively, the images of Eastern spirituality conjures images of Tibetan monks secluding themselves in the mountains, away from the hassle of daily life, meditating and aspiring to peace or nirvana. I would have lucked out if you also didn’t start thinking “Okay, another ‘tanmeya bashareya’ dude in the house…” Truth be told, spirituality, in my dictionary, is nowhere to be found within the aforementioned images. After almost a decade of my life learning, experiencing and teaching spirituality, I have come to peaceful and humble knowledge about what constitutes the term.

First and foremost, light needs to be shed on stereotypes of “spiritual people” so that, once and for all, they are out of the way. Everyone on Earth could be a spiritual person. By default, each one of us, has a soul (in spite of how tempting it is to think otherwise, especially of certain people who rub us the wrong way), and this soul has the potential of fulfilling all of our requirements, as human beings. One does not need to meditate each day, read about the field, go to workshops, take courses, become vegan, or walk around with their yoga mat… Spirituality is not about a “surface” routine or lifestyle. All the above is a mere reflection of inner aspects that develop as conscious and subconscious decisions are made on the path.

These decisions are based on the knowledge and application of one simple and PROFOUND rule: Love over fear. Many of us, social-media users, have been overdosing on these Rumi and Shams quotes; some share them as clichés but the concept never becomes outdated for it is the essence of the eternal dance between the soul and ego (a comparison which I will be focusing on in a future article soon). An authentic spiritual path depends solely on how many choices are made out of love and disregarding fear-based emotions. Fear is anything that keeps us stuck in our comfort zones, choosing the comfort of familiarity over the growth that helps one actually rise into becoming someone they could not be before.

This illusion of comfort is what has been causing us to live in a world where our most common and accepted attitudes are living off victim and sinner mentalities, and it is exactly what spirituality is not. A spiritual person knows they are a co-creator of the universe. As I will explain in more details in further articles, each of us is responsible for the life they are living in. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, our Ancient-Egyptian archetype of knowledge and wisdom, speak of this fact. I write fact because it is pure quantum physics, pure science. The more we think we are victims, that we are objects that have no say in our story, the more this becomes the case. The more one believes they are a sinner, that they hold evil within, the more shame and guilt it creates within one’s system, keeping them against growth, shinning, and reaching their full potential.

Spirituality is understanding and living by the fact that any evil perceived within the self is not our truth or our essence. Every one of us holds the Light of God at their very core. Anything that is less than God essence within us is illusion. It is the very path of spirituality where some people make the choice to walk, in order to shed more light on that illusion, helping it to melt away to tap into this light of love, joy and true peace. As one follows their heart (another subject to be explained in detail), they give the command to their soul to shed another bit of that sick part of the ego, helping it dissolve once and for all.

The more we live by the above principles, we learn that there is no separation. In reality, there is only unity. We learn that all those inspirational people never lied to us; there is no difference between races, religions, countries or anything else. Even more, we will learn that there is no difference between human beings and other living beings, no difference between living beings and what we think is non-living. Each of us is one with the Universe, one with the Other, one with God.

Accordingly, this is what my articles on The Daily Crisp will be about. I will be explaining each concept fully and go into more detail about the beauty of this Oneness. The majority of my articles will be about a practical, hand-on approach to spirituality, but I will also provide the theoretical basis, as in this article, for the sake of clarity and credibility. Hopefully, I will walk you, one step each week, into the beautiful bounty of the garden I have been exploring for nine years of my life, one which has given me more magic than I ever thought was possible, and more each day.

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