Bras are a wardrobe factor basically every woman has had to deal with; too tight, too loose, digging into your side, uncomfortable straps, you name the issue we’ve felt it. Many women have never been correctly fitted for their bra size and have left their purchases to a mere guessing game balanced between a quick try on in the fitting room and how cute it looks on, usually to be sorely disappointed after a couple of wears. Luckily, Victoria’s Secret has some insider tips on how to choose the right bra and also how to maintain and care for your bras to make them last longer (crucial for when you find “the one”).

Get Fitted
Yes, it really is that simple. Get fitted and continue to get fitted every 6 months to be sure your size hasn’t changed and to keep your bras fitting the most comfortably. Get started now by answering a few questions with Victoria’s Secret own virtual fitting session.

New Bras
Your new bra should be comfortable on the loosest fitting/last hook. It will tighten with time. If your bra fits loosely on the last hook get rid of it, get fitted and get a new one.

Wear and Care



Your bra works hard and deserves a break, so avoid wearing the same one everyday to make it last longer. Victoria’s Secret recommends a few days off for each day on.

Your bras will keep their shape and last longer if stored flat and layered together. It’s definitely the best way to avoid dents and wrinkles in the cups, while looking pretty and organized!
bra101-6How you wash your bras plays a big part in how long they last. They’re delicate and should be washed by hand or in the washing machine on the gentlest setting in a lingerie bag.