If you are a follower of Hassan Gabr, you might have got addicted like us to his daily tips and advice regarding fitness and nutrition. Gabr, who earned the title of the fittest man in Egypt in the 35+ category in “El Fit” 2016 event, is providing his followers with his expertise through daily short videos that would help them manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle. His videos have been up and running for almost two months now, and have been gaining more and more viewers.

The whole idea of the videos came from his partner Ahmed Naguib, the CEO of Elmasna3 production house. The videos have surpassed the 10 million views across all platforms in less than three months.

Through those videos, Gabr is trying to send several messages to people who are not necessarily fitness freaks, “The first being to debunk and correct several misconceptions in the fitness field and especially in Egypt. A lot of people tend to get their information from unreliable sources so we thought it is time we fix these misconceptions. The second is that fitness shouldn’t be intimidating and is for everyone. We encourage people to start, through a lot of the videos we give them tips to encourage them and to help them keep going. Ultimately and most importantly we aim to help people.”

Gabr is planning to keep the videos going on for long and he believes that anyone can start at anytime in their life. He himself came a long way after being overweight at the age of 26 to winning the fittest man at the age of 35.

We’ve been avid followers to his daily video tips and we picked our five favorite videos so far:

1- Legs

The importance of working your lower body is trivial. Many guys think that working their upper body only is all they need, because who doesn’t want a big bicep and tricep. However, as Gabr states the lower body is the load that holds the upper body. You can’t ignore working your leg muscles and improving it’s functionality, we walk, run and lift stuff depending on our lower bodies and that’s something we should all pay attention to. And at the end I think no guy really wants to look like Johnny Bravo! So get those legs to work everyone.

2- Stretches

Many people might underestimate the need to stretch and warm-up. There are two types of stretches that Gabr mentions, the Static one and the Dynamic one. The Dynamic one refers to the warm-up that needs to be done before starting your workout, which includes active movements that prepares the muscles and increases the muscles core temperature.

The static stretch is a more of a relaxed one which should be done after you are done with your workout. Static stretch includes several exercises that can target cooling down or can be for increasing mobility. The next time you head to workout, give your warm up and static stretches extra care to avoid injuries and muscles tightness.

3- Diet Vs. Workouts

Many of us think that working out is enough reason for us to indulge in what we want. However, in order to lose fats and weight, food plays the bigger role in that equation. As Gabr states, you have to burn more calories than what you eat. So you need to create that deficit in order to achieve your target. Putting in mind that the equation of losing weight depends basically on 75% food and 25% exercise. Get your workout in but watch out for what you put inside your body, because at the end working out only consumes a maximum of 2 hours a day.

4- Burpee Challenge

Well, no one likes a burpee, it’s true! Although burpees work the whole body; the arms, the glutes, the chest, the quads, the hamstrings, and the abs. Despite the hate that some have for this exercise but you have to find some love to this strength training exercise because of the benefits you get out of doing it. Let’s consider it a love hate relationship and start with Gabr’s burpees challenge.

5- The Six packs

Who does’t want to have six packs! We all do. A toned body is what most people are so eager to have. Believe it or not, we all have six packs as Gabr says. But, fats are covering all those muscles that you are so eager to highlight and show. Watch Gabr’s tips on what you should start doing in order to lose those stubborn fats around that area.

Photo Credits: Hassan Gabr’s Facebook