The Kardashians have sported corset waist trainers on Instagram, showcasing their tiny waists, and it has been the latest fitness craze ever since. So what is waist training all about and does it actually work?

The idea and claims behind waist training are attractive. Instead of cutting out all the foods you love and hitting the gym daily, you just have to cinch your waist into a corset and go about your day (with varying levels of discomfort).

So What’s the Catch?

Waist training does not cause any actual weight loss. You might look a size smaller while it’s on, but once the corset is off your body returns back to its normal shape. Not only that, but excessive waist corset wearing-advocated by many celebrities and fashion bloggers nowadays- can pose some serious health problems and risks.

Cinching your waist in to that extent puts a lot of pressure on your internal organs. Essentially your abdomen becomes squeezed together and there is less space for your digestive organs to perform their normal functions efficiently. This excessive pressure is why acid reflux and constipation are very common side effects of waist training.

Depending on the strength of your corset, waist training can also cause bruising of your bones. As an adult, your bones are already formed and changing their size is physically impossible. So, wearing a corset for days will only leave you with a ribcage that is the exact same size as before, but bruised.

Some advocates of waist training recommend wearing it while exercising for maximum fat burning and results. Wearing a waist trainer makes it harder to breath, putting your body under major risks of lack of energy, dizziness and fainting.

In conclusion, waist training is for no one. In fact, it is legitimately dangerous for your health and won’t change what you were born with. Diet and exercise are still the safest, most natural ways to slim down and alter your figure. Let’s not also forget that celebrities have the top personal trainers, nutritionists and cooks to get them looking the way they do.