Your work environment can affect everything from your mood to your productivity. We all know the benefits of having windows with views to the outside world, indoor temperature control, ergonomically correct seating and work spaces. For the corporate world, clean, white, almost sterile walls and surroundings is often the norm. However, for more creative professions, your work environment should not only be functional but also serve as your hub of creativity, sometimes even your source of inspiration. Office spaces and walls become a canvas for splashes of color and creative design.

TDC office before the renovations

Lately, at The Daily Crisp headquarters, we have been feeling a little off-kilter with our office space. As a health and wellness magazine, we needed to create a Zen and balanced environment, that inspired a sense of inner peace and order in our writers. However, to transform a space so that it fits with the overall vision of its occupants and to do it on a budget can often be two irreconcilable concepts. Hence our decision to bring in the very talented interior designer, Yasmina Khalil from Designer Snaps for her valuable input and Jotun for their variety of paint colors.

TDC office after renovations

We chose to paint the walls with one of the JOTUN 2017 colors (Arctic Grey), a soft, calming hue of grey that provided a subtle backdrop and calming ambiance, to get those creative juices flowing in our writers.


By experimenting with the different layout options, Yasmina Khalil not only enhanced the functionality of the room (as a productive and relaxing space for writing and brainstorming sessions), she also added more space by simply moving certain furniture around. When before, it looked and felt cramped and cluttered, with a few simply tweaks and touches it became more spacious and well-organized. A thinking corner was even added (comprised of a chair, and a standing lamp) for reading, jotting down thoughts and simply just reflecting.


The accessories that were chosen were simple and unassuming, but we felt it was important, nonetheless, to infuse them with our own style. For example, simple shelves were chosen but what we placed on the shelves (coffee mugs, artificial plants, decorative boxes that also double as storage) is what gave our office its distinct character. On the walls, we hung pictures of inspirational quotes designed by graphic designer/make-up artist, Narimaan Farouk (Life with N).


Last but not least, we installed a blackboard that took up most of the space in one of our walls, and that comes in handy for our various brainstorming sessions and writing down weekly tasks and to-do lists. On one corner of the blackboard, a mandala has been drawn by Manar Al Sharkawi (Aiyana’s loft) symbolizing the main concepts of The Daily Crisp: wellness from the inside in.


Watch the video of the full office renovation below.