Sometimes, we let the fear of failing or not being good enough come in the way of things we want to do in life. We make up ideas in our head and embed them there that it becomes sort of impossible to overcome these mental barriers. It happens all too well in sports, especially those that we aren’t accustomed to or haven’t tried before. We let the image of someone who is super flexible or super muscular to make us feel like we aren’t good enough for a certain sport. Deeming ourselves incapable. Forgetting that every person started somewhere and that you don’t actually need to have a specific “body type” to start any sport you want.

We asked 5 experts from 5 different sports the same question, “What do you have to say to people who are intimidated to start your sport?” Here’s what they had to say…


“The nice thing about Pilates is that it’s really for every BODY. The key to a successful practice is focusing on the goal of the exercises rather than the exercise itself and any good Pilates instructor is ready to accommodate the students according to that goal. Our message is always “don’t worry about doing the exercise right, but focus on your feelings”. By focusing on the design more than the end result, we actually give results so fast, at the same time putting the students at easy so they feel they can just work for their own ideal. The concept of small groups is also key for people to fee less intimidated, but at the same time accountable to someone else.” – Mila (Owner of Reform Pilates Studio & Pilates Instructor)


Pole Fitness

“You have NO idea what your body is already capable of doing. You just need to try it out and it will surprise you. You don’t need to be fit to join pole fit!” – Manar (Owner of Pole Fit Egypt & Pole Instructor)

“You grow into it slowly but surely. You think you are not capable to do things but your body surprised you and that blows your mind. You also think that have ti be either skinny or strong or flexible to pole but the fact is it doesn’t, cause you need to grow into it.” – Rana (Pole Fitness Student)

“I was super self conscious that I wasn’t able to do anything but I just kept on showing up and I started training for strength so I can hold myself – slightly gracefully – on the pole. Which I think worked” – Nour (Pole Fitness Student)

“I started two months ago in a phase of my life when I was going through a lot of changes. Getting a divorce and trying to regain myself after a very hectic and draining relationship. And I have to say, pole fit gave me strength (physical and psychological as it has an empowering effect), and it definitely gave me confidence. ” – Hana (Pole Fitness Student)

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“Attending a Zumba class does not require you to be of a certain fitness level or have a dance background. The class combines a variety of high intensity and low intensity moves so that it can suit different fitness levels. The class energy and music push and motivate you to move with all you’ve got, so you might even discover that you’re body is capable of doing an effort that you didn’t know it could do. If you’re a beginner, you can always go at your own pace if a move feels too intense for you, then switch to the next one which would be less intense. You don’t have to have a dance background to Zumba as some might think. In class we use visual cueing as a teaching technique, which involves hand signals that show you the upcoming move. Songs are repeated over several weeks to give you the chance to master the moves. So don’t get intimidated if you can’t follow all the moves on your first class, you will find yourself singing and dancing to your favorite song in no time with a few more classes . And of course, asking for a step breakdown after class is always welcome. Just remember that Zumba is all about keeping a smile on your face and a song in your heart” – Dalia Omar (Zumba Instructor)

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Martial Arts

“The myth about martial arts in general and kickboxing in particular that they are reserved only for people who fight or want to fight is far from the truth and reality that they are like any other sport that could be taken on by anyone regardless of age gender or certain body type or fitness level” – Amr El Alfy (Martial Arts & Kickboxing Instructor)



“I sometime get students who come to me and say “I’m not flexible enough, I can’t touch my toes, am I too old or am I overweight?” The thing is yoga is for everyone for , it’s accessible to all ages from kids to the elderly , the flexible to those who are not and for any body type. I always tell me people to just try it once bec yoga classes are for everyone and a teacher will help every student. Flexibility comes with practice so that shouldn’t be something that stops you. And yoga isn’t just a physical exercise it mentally alleviates steer, anxiety and calms the mind. Just doing the breathing right in yoga is the most important thing not how you look in the pose. At the end of the day all our bodies are different, so we will all look different doing a pose, however connecting the breath to the pose is doing yoga. Also, men tend to think yoga isn’t for guys, but once they start they change their mind after seeing that it can be challenging for them and helps lengthen their muscles especially if they weight train.” – Jennifer Osman (Yoga Instructor)