Ramadan is notorious for its delicious sweet treats and sugar-filled desserts that we all love. The thing is, though, we cannot afford to put our health in jeopardy by piling on konafa and katayef helpings every day. Luckily, we came across “Happy Bites,” an online dessert store offering healthy, vegan, sugar-free desserts to curb all those sweet cravings and we decided to try out what they’re offering.

The Energy Bites:


































We tried the Sesame, Pistachio, Dark Chocolate and Coconut energy bites as we sipped on our post-iftar cup of coffee. These little bites literally burst with flavor, which helped curb or craving for something sweet. They were chewy and had a soft texture. Our favorites are the Dark Chocolate and Pistachio bites as they had the most intense flavors. The ingredients that make up these bites are all healthy and work to supply the body with energy such as all-natural peanut butter, mixed nuts, spices, and dates amongst others. We also believe that these bites would make for great finger desserts to serve to guests after iftar with some tea or coffee

The Cookies:




















We tried three cookie flavors, the chocolate chip cookie, the nuts cookie and the dark chocolate cookie. These cookies were chewy and flavorful but lacked in crunchiness. They tasted almost too good to believe they were totally vegan and gluten-free. Our favorite was the nuts cookie as its content of mixed nuts definitely elevated its taste. We believe these cookies work for great for munching on between iftar and sohour.

All in all, we are so glad that our local market has some truly innovative and healthy options to offer. We’re not totally saying we’ll cut off Basbousa or Konafa for the entirety of Ramadan, but we’ll keep them as occasional options and opt for healthier alternatives instead.

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