Greek yogurt, which is essentially strained yogurt, has been linked to several health benefits. It has less sugar than regular yogurt and is strained from extra carbs. It is a great source of protein, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Potassium, and probiotics- a powerhouse of nutrients. We recently heard that there is a new local brand of Greek yogurt, Kik of Goodness, and we had to give it a shot.

It was started by a young entrepreneur who wanted to help Cairenes find Greek yogurt more easily in the local market. She also wanted to offer a healthy alternative to unhealthy desserts to those who have a sweet tooth. Thus, she launched a line of Greek Yogurt with 6 different flavors to choose from: plain, chocolate, coffee, apple-cinnamon, strawberry, and vanilla. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to give our taste buds the chance to try them all out and here is how we found them.



Plain and simple- truly how to describe the unflavored option from KIK. It is a bit more sour than regular yogurt, but it’s extremely creamy and light. It left us feeling pleasantly full and we’d suggest it as a great dinner option.


The chocolate flavor was very satisfying for in terms of not being way too sweet- it was just perfectly sweetened with cocoa. It is literally a great healthy alternative to chocolate pudding or if you leave it in the freezer a bit, it can work as an awesome frozen yogurt option.


The coffee flavor was not at all sweet, but it had a very demure coffee flavor that just gave a kick- see what we did there- to your regular jar of Greek yogurt. We paired this flavor with our breakfast bowl of oatmeal for an instant pick-me-up.


This was literally one of the favorite flavors as it had little cubes of apples mixed in with the yogurt which made it even more filling. The apple-to-cinnamon ratio was just right and it made for a healthy sweet snack that we loved having in the middle of the workday.


Another one of our favorites, the strawberry flavor seriously satisfied our midday sugar cravings. We’d also suggest this as an alternative to ice cream by having it frozen- seriously refreshing!


You can never go wrong with the classic vanilla flavor and KIK nailed it perfectly. This option is good for those looking for a snack that is sweet, but not too sweet- it has a very mildly sugary taste.

All in one, we found KIK to be a hugely promising line of Greek yogurt that is offering truly amazing quality along with perfected taste. Excuse us while we go grab our jar!

Make sure to check out KIK of Goodness on Instagram for more info.