This is not another “healthy” café or culinary trend that will die out, we are a purpose. This is real, back to basics food, that has been around longer than you and I; we’re here to bring it back into our busy daily lives.


When TDC heard about the opening of Egypt’s first gluten-free café, there was only one thing we could do. Leave the office and go try out their all-day breakfast!


We were greeted with Passand, founder of Sea Salt Bakery, whose positivity and radiance fills the whole space with amazing vibes. Passand was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a few years back and this was when she realized through the process of elimination that gluten was no longer for her. From there, the idea of Sea Salt Bakery grew. Sea Salt Bakery started out in Hurghada and Gouna, then moved on to the North Coast and then lucky for us, opened up its first bakery/cafe in Cairo.

The official opening of Sea Salt Bakery is September 15th (Yes, they will also be delivering their bread and bakery to neighboring areas) but if you happen to be in the area this is one place that you MUST go to!

We had the chance to have a quick talk with founder Passand about the concept behind her new bakery. “The concept is eating clean without anything processed,” told us Passand. “Any one who has allergies or intolerances or digestive issues, who is sick, has cancer… we want to help them, those are our clients. Sugar, dairy, and gluten are the three killers of everything. So we remove the three and no matter what your problem is, the food is friendly. That is the priority, people who have problems.” Passand also told us that she hopes to reach to people who don’t have any of the problems, she hopes to reach people who like to eat clean. “You can eat healthy, and it doesn’t have to be a salad. You can have your cake, tart or croissant and still feel full without the guilt or heaviness. We provide the alternative without the extra sugar, dairy and gluten. We’re trying to reach people who actually need help. We’re trying to get people to understand that this is a solution to a social problem, it’s not just a trend.”

Sea Salt Bakery is every gluten-free, healthy eater and vegan’s heaven! With its store opening, it was no longer just bread and baked goods, they expanded to have a full on all-day breakfast and lunch menu (starting 12pm). The baked goods and bread are on display, as well as the cake of the day!

We started out our visit with almond milk cappuccinos, made using fresh almond milk and organic coffee. Not only was the coffee delicious, it also came with a small cookie on the side. It was definitely love at first sip.

We couldn’t really pick a favorite from the menu, so we had the chocolate pancakes, quinoa porridge and the french toast! All of which were as delicious as they looked, very filling and did not leave us the least bit bloated. If you’re after clean, delicious eating, then Sea Salt Bakery is definitely where you should be.

Pain Perdu (Vegan French Toast)


Lu Lu’s Chocolate Pancakes


Quinoa Porridge Bowl


Check out our interview with founder, Passand El Hammami to learn more about her and the start of Sea Salt Bakery.