The local beauty industry is at an all-time high, with an array of different brands catering to all
tastes. So, why would we stock up on exported beauty products that’ll break our bank accounts
when we can go for locally produced goodies of comparable quality? We decided to try out the
latest releases from some of the hottest local beauty brands and give you the low down on what to

Nefertari’s Ancient Egyptian-Inspired Natural Remedies:

The first thing you notice about any Nefertari product is how beautifully packaged it is. With the packages drawing inspiration from Pharaonic Egypt, Nefertari’s products are hard to miss. We tried the Face Scrub which is infused with honey, rose geranium essential oil and orange rind and the first thing we noticed is that it smells absolutely amazing. Its texture was slightly sticky, but it did an excellent job at gently scrubbing and hydrating our faces. We also tried the Milk Bath, which comes  in powder form that you sprinkle into your bath water. We laid in the milk bath for about 20 minutes and then rinsed it off and our skin felt slightly softer. The third product we tried from the brand is their Cold Cream, which is made from rose water, beeswax,  and sweet almond oil. The texture was slightly oily and it took a few minutes for our skin to absorb it, but its smell and after-effect of pure softness were undeniable. The last product we tried from the brand is their lip balm and it had a thick consistency, but managed to soften our lips within minutes of applying it.

Texture: 7
Fragrance: 9
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product from the Brand: The Face Scrub

Diamente’s Bath Goodies:

From luscious bath bombs to decadent facial and body scrubs, Diamente’s a new brand on the scene
that offers very Instagram-able bath products (just look at how delicious they look!). We tried out
the Pink Candy, Lavender and Wafflicious bath bombs, which were gorgeously colorful and left our
bath looking all beautiful and sparkly. The only aspect that perhaps would have made them even
more awesome is a stronger fragrance. Our fave, nevertheless, was the Pink Candy one. We also tried the rainbow-colored Whipped Sugar Scrub and we especially loved using it on our faces as it is a very gentle scrub. It worked perfectly as it both hydrated and gently scrubbed our faces. We found it, however, too gentle to be used elsewhere. We tried the Emulsified Body Scrub for our bodies and it worked perfectly, as it is a much stronger scrub.

Texture: 8
Fragrance: 5
Packaging: 8
Favourite Product from the Brand: Whipped Sugar Scrub

Urban Ducks’ Luscious Body Lotions:

Urban Ducks is a new local brand of cosmetics that only opt for natural ingredients in the making of
its products. They just launched their new packaging for their lotions and the beautiful design mixed
with its practicality won us over. We tried the Shea and Jasmine and the Coconut Bomb body lotions
and both had a very light, non-sticky texture that left our skin feeling smooth. What we also loved
about both lotions is the fact that they were absorbed by our skin instantly. The fragrance of Urban
Ducks’ body lotions is one thing that makes them stand out- they have very natural, refreshing

Texture: 9
Fragrance: 9
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product From the Brand: Shea & Jasmine Body Lotion

Soul and More’s Face & Body Care Products:

One thing that all the products we tried from Soul and More had in common is a having a very
freshly intense fragrance. We spritzed their Germanium Rose Water all throughout our day and it
worked perfectly in terms of hydrating and refreshing our faces every now and then. We also tried
their Vanilla Wave body mist and to say it smelled amazing would be an understatement; its delicious scent lasted for about two hours on our skin. The Raspberry Body Butter had a light, non- oily texture and was mildly moisturizing.
Another range of items we tried is the soap range. We went for the Lavender soap and the Tea Tree
Oil soap; both of which had very demur fragrances and were very gentle on our skin. We used the
Lavender soap on our hands and the Tea Tree Oil soap on our faces and they worked perfectly. The last product we tried was the Natural Deodorant and, despite being initially skeptical, we were pleasantly surprised at how well at work at leaving body odor at bay all throughout our busy day.

Texture: 8
Packaging: 7
Favourite Product From the Brand: Vanilla Wave Body Mist

Elixir’s Hair and Skin Repairing Products:

By providing a pamphlet with the detailed benefits of each product, Elixir left a great first impression. We tried their Bentonite Clay by adding water to it and creating a paste that we used as a facial mask. After 15 minutes, we washed it off and it left our skin feeling clean and soft for the rest of the day. We also tried their Repairing Hair Mask and one word of advice would be that a little goes a long way when it comes to applying it in order to prevent an oily texture after washing it. We left it for a couple of hours and washed it off and it left our hair feeling super nourished and soft. However, it’s better to leave it on for much less time; 30 minutes.
We also tried the Eye Collagen Serum and instantly fell in love. It has a very light texture and gets absorbed by the skin very quickly. We applied to our eye area before going to bed every night and we noticeably started noticing that our undereye circles were lighter. As for the Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover, it did remove our makeup but it left our skin feeling a bit oily so we had to wash it off afterward. The Shea Butter and Coffee Facial Scrub and Mask was very gentle on our skin and left our face feeling soft and supple; it also smelled absolutely delicious.

Texture: 8
Fragrance: 7
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product From the Brand: Eye Collagen Serum.

Bubble Sponge’s All-Natural Body Treats:

After trying out some of their products, we can honestly say that this brand’s forte lies in its amazing range of scrubs. The Vanilla Coconut Ginger Sugar Body Scrub smelled just as amazing as it sounds. This is a strong scrub so it is advisable to use it on the body only and not on the face, but it definitely left our skin feeling CRISP! The Peppermint foot scrub, had a similar texture to the body scrub, smelled refreshing and did its job by gently scrubbing and hydrating the feet.
We loved the Lemon Sugar lip scrub for its perfect consistency and the fact that it was both gentle on the lips yet efficient at removing any scabs or dead skin, leaving the lips feeling soft. We complemented it by using the Strawberry lip balm, which gave a slight red tinge to our lips and left them gorgeously moisturized. Last, but not least, we used the Organic Rose Water Facial Toner before applying any makeup and it helped control oiliness and was like a breath of fresh air.

Texture: 8
Fragrance: 8
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product From the Brand: Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub and Strawberry Lip Balm.

Sesame Oils’ Well-rounded Range of Essential Oils:

Essential oils are some of our absolute beauty products for DIY homemade hair masks and nail and
skin remedies. We tried the full range of Sesame Oils: Argan, Jojoba, Carrot Seed, Black Seed, Coconut, Aloe Vera, and Sweet Almond oil and created some hair masks. We loved the texture of the cold-pressed oils which allowed them to be absorbed by our hair without being too thick or sticky- that made washing them off easier. The oils also had very subtle scents that didn’t stick to our hair after washing off. The packaging is quite basic but efficient and featured a built-in smart dropper so everyone can avoid making a mess while pouring out the oils. Finally, the hair masks that featured some of the oils worked at softening and hydrating our hair naturally.

Texture: 9
Fragrance: 8 (the oils had no pungent smell)
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product From the Brand: Argan Oil & Carrot Seed Oil.

Dosha Body Treats’ Rejuvenating Hair & Facial Products:

If you have dry hair or skin, Dosha is the perfect beauty brand for you. We loved their Restorative Shea Butter Hair treatment, which after being applied for 2 hours, left our hair feeling super soft and hydrated without feeling greasy. Their Face Balm, which we applied on our face overnight had us waking up to supple and healthy skin. They also do a spectacular job at the hydration and rejuvenation of our hair and face.
We also tried their Lip Scrub, which was sugary and gentle on the lips.

Texture: 8
Fragrance: 6
Packaging: 9
Favourite Product From the Brand: Restorative Shea Butter Hair Treatment.

Nourishing Goodies’ Hydrating Soaps & Scrubs:

With a refreshing, luxurious scent and a perfect consistency, the first product we tried from Nourishing Goodies, the Skin Polish, did not disappoint. We used it to scrub our body and it gently removed any dead skin or dirt, leaving our skin feeling brand new! We also tried the Coconut Milk & Shea Butter Soap, and whilst it did look pretty and was softly cleansing, it lacked a more vibrant scent. The last product we tried from this promising brand was the Tumeric Facial Soap and it gently purified our faces. Overall, we believe this brand is definitely going places!

Texture: 8
Fragrance: 7
Packaging: 6
Favourite Product From the Brand: The Skin Polish.