When it comes to new restaurants, services or anything health related, here at TDC we love to stay on top of the game with any new service that helps Egypt becomes healthier. That’s why we decided to review BodyBlock’s, in partnership with Angelica’s Kitchen, menu for a whole day’s worth of meals.

We placed our order by listing our personal preferences and customized the diet to our liking. We started our day off trying two products from their  Museli & Granola line, the Prune & Nut Museli and Granola & Nuts.

Having a breakfast that contains oatmeal has numerous benefits; oats contain a lot of fiber, which means they keep you full for a long time. Both the Prune & Nut Museli and Granola & Nut contain oats and nuts which makes them on their own a nutritious way to start your day with a meal that contains carbs, protein, and fat.

Not only are these packed goods a great way to carry your breakfast around to literally anywhere, they also come with a label that gives you all the nutritional information you need; calories, total fat, protein, carbs, and allergens. There was also a recommendation of how to eat them, with dairy-free milk or natural yogurt so that was exactly what we did.


For Lunch, Body Blocks sent us three products from their salad range to try, all of which were completely unique with an interesting combination of ingredients. We tried the Turmeric Quinoa & Hazelnut Salad (Non-Vegan), Lentil & Beetroot Salad (Non-Vegan) and Avocado & Mixed Seed Salad (Vegan) and we were pretty pleased with the amount of food and freshness.
Body Blocks offer both vegan and non-vegan salad options, with the added bonus that all their non-vegan salads can be adjusted to vegan! Each and every salad is in itself a complete meal, whether vegan or non-vegan and leaves you feeling full and satisfied.


For a midday pick-me-up snack, we tried their Hazelnut & Cocoa Bombwhich definitely did not fall short of any expectations. It was the perfect snack to kick the Monday blues and give the right amount of energy to power through the day. We definitely want more of these bombs to keep at hand (for emergency energy boosts), they were absolutely delicious!


The best thing about Body Blocks, besides how convenient it is, was how transparent they are about what goes into their food. Every package has a label with exactly what goes into the preparation of that meals and snack, as well all the nutritional information you could need, including a serving size.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Blody Blocks, go their website or check out our previous article (here) about the various packages they offer.