Weddings are always festive occasions but not just for the bride and groom, for the guests too! Naturally, a bride and groom might feel that gifting their guests is a little thank you for attending. But, a wedding giveaway can cost a pretty penny if you aren’t doing them yourself. That’s why we’ve cooked up a list of DIY wedding giveaways to give you some ideas and some crisp inspiration. We happen to like these ideas but if you’re not a DIY buff these are great ideas for wedding favors you can purchase for your guests too! 


1- Candles 

Image Credits: Le Journal Des Femmes

Candles are a staple gift for any party favor, but you can customize the label and add the wedding date or a cute message. As for the candle itself, making a candle is fairly easy all you’ll need is to melt some beeswax (or soy wax if you happen to be vegan),  coconut oil and any fragrance oil to add. Once you’ve got them in their jars you add the wick and wait for it to set. This simple gift can also be used as a decoration option for the wedding, so it’s also a two for one!  

2- Home-made Scrubs

Image Credits: One Little Project

Skin-care is important for all guests!  The good thing is, scrubs aren’t labor intensive. There are tons of DIY recipes on the internet that involve either a base of sea salt, white or brown sugar. Some scrubs even use coffee grounds. The sky’s the limit with this versatile gift. You can even have several kinds of scrubs to distribute so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. And if wedding planning is too hectic scrubs you can purchase some and fill them in small personalized jars.

3-Honey Jars 

Image Credits: Sweet Peaces

Who doesn’t love honey? This sweet liquid gold is everyone’s favorite. Though honey can be on the pricey side these days you can still add your own spin to this gift by infusing it. Honey and ginger infusion is a nice use of the ginger root, and we personally recommend infusing honey and lavender buds it’s just heavenly! And the lavender can be purchased at the local spice store (‘attar) quite cheaply.


Image Credits: Amazon

Your guests will appreciate this gift, especially after hitting the wedding buffet. It’s also cost-effective and will ensure everyone is leaving your wedding mint-fresh! The custom labels are printed and added above the brand label so you don’t have to worry too much about the logistics of label removal!

5-Infused Olive Oil 


Image Credits: The Greek Pantry

The idea behind this gift is to create your own special infusion. All you’ll need is a bottle of olive oil and small vials for your guests. You can pick whichever herb you want to infuse the olive oil with but we personally recommend rosemary, thyme or garlic 

6- Essential Oils

Image Credits: The Lane

We’re kind of in love with essential oils. For their so versatile! And your guests can use them for just about anything. The process to make them doesn’t take much too. All you’ll need is a crockpot, distilled water (but flip the lid on upside down for the steaming), any plant material of choice (lemon rinds for lemon essential oil, lavender, mint, lemon grass)

7- Tea Infusions

Image Credits: Something Turquoise

Tea and guests are two words that go together since the dawn of time. So, offering your guests a tea blend is nothing out of the ordinary. The way you go about it is pretty simple, you can create your own mix using flower buds and loose leaf tea (like a chamomile, lemongrass blend, or a hibiscus, orange, and cinnamon blend). The possibilities are endless. If coming up with your own blend is a daunting task you can still purchase a blend and package it for your guests in customized jars. 

8- Natural Bug Spray

Image Credits: Evermine

This might seem a little weird, but you and your guests will thank us. Especially if you’re doing an outdoor wedding. We love that the recipe is all natural. All you’ll need is lavender essential oil a sprig of rosemary, distilled water and rubbing alcohol. And we won’t hold it against you if you keep this recipe in mind we’ve written it down too!

9- Plant Pots

Image Credits: Afloral

We recommend this idea to anyone who has a green thumb. But for those that don’t succulents are fairly easy to care for and are very low maintenance. They don’t require too much water or sunlight. So, you’ll be giving your guests a gift that’ll brighten their homes and desks without having them worry about their new plant pet.