It’s definitely no secret that we’re serious about our smoothies especially Glow smoothies. It’s also pretty obvious that we’re big on detoxing our bodies. We told you how to detox, why detoxing is good for you and what Glow’s detox programs are.

What we’ve yet to do is actually SHOW you the detox. That’s exactly what we’ve brought you today. Three girls of us (TDC team) have tried the 5 Days Detox program from Glow and here is what actually happened to all of us.

Before The Detox

Before we started our detox, the Glow Team sent us questions to find out why we want to detox our bodies and what health issues we were facing in order for them to find the perfect plan for each one. After sending them our answers, Amina Rashad (founder of Glow) contacted us personally and recommended the right detox duration for us, which was 5 days. She also asked us to take it easy with our Crossfit training during that time. She asked each one personally if there was a specific ingredient she was allergic to or didn’t like to eat so as to not add it to our programs.


The Detox

The general idea was that we’d be eating and only eating what Glow sent us. That consisted of 3 smoothies, one salad, and one soup each day. Right as the smoothies arrived (always on time might I add) they sent us a link to their facebook group to join for tips from the Glow community from people that are currently detoxing or have detoxed before.

We had a smoothie for breakfast, then one as a snack, then we ate the salad followed by another smoothie as a snack and ended the day with a soup for dinner. All the breakfast smoothies were 500mls and all the soups as well. The snack smoothies were all 250mls and the salad was their standard size.

Meal/Day Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day5 
Breakfast Zap Me Green Berrified Mango Pineapple Duetto Orange Green Swirl Green Flamingo
Snack 1 Green Lemonade Basil Pink Lemonade Watermelon Cooler Beet it Confused Strawberry
Lunch Zoodles Salad Roasted Sweet Potato Salad Artichoke Salad Zoodles Salad Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
Snack 2 Confused Strawberry Mango Pineapple Duetto Orange Green Swirl Mango Breeze Green Lemonade Mint
Dinner Vegan Moroccan Harira Soup Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup Vegan Moroccan Harira Soup Broccoli and Oats soup Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup


Because Glow really wants to make it as easy as possible to get your smoothies, they offer free delivery with all their detox programs (and regular smoothie orders as well). This means you get all the smoothies you’re going to eat each day at from 10-11 AM (and they’re pretty punctual about it) free of charge right at your doorstep.


Here is what actually happened with each one during those 5 days


Content Editor/Senior Writer at TDC

So, I was pretty nervous, to be honest going into this detox. You see, I eat a lot. Especially at work, I find myself reaching out for a snack every 30mins or so, add to that a job requires me to be sitting on a desk 8 hours of the day and you have a health horror story. I didn’t know if the smoothies would sustain me or if I’d have enough energy to focus on my job.

You know why I was doing this detox from the video so let’s dive right into how I actually felt while spending 5 days of eating and drinking Glow smoothies.

Day 1

1. My pee was sort of yellowish this morning but was clear after I drank my first smoothie of the day. This is a big deal to me because I’ve been lacking in my water drinking this winter and I use my pee color as an indicator of how much water I need to drink.

2. The tips of my fingers are really cold, probably because I’m hungry and have low energy.

3. My need to reserve my food is making me more mindful of how I feel while eating and allowing me to know when to stop.

4. My bowel movements started working right after I finished my salad. This is huge! I can’t remember the last time I went to the bathroom midday like a regular human being!! So far this is my favorite change thanks to the detox and it’s just the first day.

5. At night, I was actually surprisingly not hungry and I only ate my soup because I knew I would be hungry the next morning if I didn’t.


Day 2

1. I went to sleep soundly and actually woke up early with no difficulty! This is by far my biggest surprise, one that I’m so happy about since I’ve been really struggling to wake up early this winter.

2. I wasn’t hungry at all this morning and didn’t feel the struggle like yesterday, which is surprising because it’s only the second day.

3. My breakfast was so filling I had it along the span of 2 hours.

4. The coconut curry soup was the best soup I’ve ever had (and it’s hard to impress me with soup because I know my soups) this is a soup I would have every day and not get tired of. It was super creamy, filling and all kinds of yum.


Day 3

1.The Artichoke salad was the highlight of my day. It was the perfect blend of textures, taste variety, and pure awesomeness. All in a salad.

2. I realized that their Orange green swirl is best taken when refrigerated because I could taste the banana in it too much and I’m not a big fan of banana.


Day 4

1. I woke up with so much energy.

2. I went bowling with my friends and had a great time and didn’t feel like I was low on energy or anything.

3. I even got a strike, it could be the detox or just dumb luck but I’m blaming it on the detox.


Day 5

1. I woke up feeling pretty full today.

2. Even though I was going to eat the next morning, I felt sad because I knew my body wouldn’t feel this great.

3. I was afraid my bowel movements wouldn’t be as regular as they were while on the detox. But Amina herself talked to us about how to eat right after the detox.



Social Media Manager

Day 1

1. I had breakfast at 12. It’s 1:15 and I’m already hungry!! I’m on photoshop and I can’t stop thinking about food.

2. I drank my first snack and sort of broke the rules and had to try the salad because I was craving anything to chew and couldn’t stop myself from trying. So I ate one of the salad pesto dressing packs and some of the salad

3. It felt AMAZING eating again but yeah now I can focus on work again and then get back to the salad at 5 PM.

4. I had my salad almost 3 hours ago and I’m not feeling so good. I feel a bit nauseous and have a bad headache. They told me this is normal on the first day since my body is trying it’s best to remove the toxins and get used to clean eating.


Day 2

1. I woke up feeling surprisingly full (in a good way).

2. I had breakfast and the first snack of the day. I was about to lose it with all the work stress but somehow made it to lunch.

3. The salad was actually really tasty, but I think a bigger portion would suit me better even though my belly was super happy about the salad size and portion. I think I’m just mentally used to eating a lot.

4. I took my snack later than planned and I spent the rest of the day thankfully without any tummy aches or headaches.

5. My favorite part of this detox plan is dinner. The soup was so yummy and so rich in flavors and it really satisfies my savory cravings.


Day 3

1. It’s an official holiday today. I woke up nice and late and it’s already 3 PM and I still didn’t have my breakfast yet. I’m actually not that hungry.

2. I tried to delay my eating schedule today because I knew I wasn’t going to bed early today, so I didn’t want to stay late hungry. Even though so far, I haven’t once gone to bed hungry.


Day 4

1. Because I ate the soup yesterday before I slept I wasn’t hungry at all this morning.

2. Since it’s the weekend, it was pretty hard going out with my friends and stay there drinking my morning breakfast while they ate melted cheese skillets and burgers.

3. I was proud of myself that I didn’t let my cravings ruin my commitment to my detox.

4. I must say that today’s soup choice for dinner was my least favorite.


Day 5

1. Doing this detox and actually finishing it feels amazing. That’s why I woke up a bit motivated in the morning that I’ve made it to the last day.

2. I was so looking forward to my sweet potato salad. It was really satisfying and filling. I even left some seeds in the end because I was super full.

3. I had my second snack and for the first time, I’m craving something sweet! I can’t think about anything but the Ice-cream I have in my fridge! But this is my last day and I will stay strong till the end, and finish it 100% right.

Alia El Saady



1. I’m trying to make sure everything is timed right since I don’t like to eat past 7/8 pm.
2. So far I’m feeling a little more focused than I normally would overall. But I am working a little slower than normal.
3. I think my body is still adjusting to the change. It’s only been a couple of hours but I feel pretty light since I only had a smoothie and water.
4. The day went really good until I had the salad of the day. By that time, my body was reacting very strongly.
5. I had an intense headache, I was very queasy and I was feeling very fatigued. I went home and barely finished the soup and smoothie. However, I’ve been reassured that this is a normal body reaction to first timers going on a detox.

Day 2

1. This was probably one of my hardest days as I had a lot of brain fog which was very difficult to work with and I was very irritable.
2. I came home again with a huge headache feeling very fatigued, however, I probably had the deepest sleep I had in a while.

Day 3

1. The delivery arrived right on time. We had a long weekend and I wanted to be more mindful of how I went about spending it.
2. I found that I was feeling very energized and found myself feeling rested from the day before. I was less stressed.
3. My appetite was pretty much satisfied the whole day, I even substituted my salad with a glow smoothie that I purchased midday.
4. My sleep was rested and I was happy to not be experiencing any headaches at all.

Day 4

1. I continued with the lack of stress but because my day was starting early I was fatigued towards the end of it.
2. The good thing is my hunger pangs were more or less non-existent.
3. I was becoming a lot lighter and a lot less fatigued in the mornings.
4. I was hydrating myself a lot more than usual today I was listening to my body more, realizing that what might have been hunger pangs 4 days ago was a result of stress, thirst or a number of other triggers.

Day 5

1. The last day of my detox was much like the fourth. There was a lightness at the beginning of the day.
2. I was beginning to really want smoothies in the morning to fill me up and help me feel good at the start of the day.
3. I was hoping to slowly reintroduce solid foods the next day so that I didn’t surprise my digestive system.
4. My takeaway from this experience is that I needed to listen to my body more to be more mindful of my physical and mental state.
So, here you go, our real thoughts and feelings about detoxing for 5 days straight with Glow. I got so reminiscent of the detox while writing this, it made me want to do it again (which I know I will). Just know that each person’s experience is different and if you didn’t know how going through a detox was like, now you have 3 different references.