Congratulations, you’ve realized that you want to be a health coach and help others (and yourself) navigate through life with better health choices. However, if you’re not sure how to go about getting your certification to become a health coach, you’re not alone. This is why we’re here with Engy El Guindy  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and current student at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) to answer all the questions that might be stopping you from going after your passion.

How Do I Make Sure That Health Coaching Is What I Really Want to Do and Not Just a Phase I’m Going Through?

If you feel like your passion in life revolves around health, wellness and you find yourself constantly wanting to help others develop a healthier lifestyle and achieve their health goals then I believe this is not just a phase. This is what you’re meant to be doing.

The thing about health coaching is that you can also get into it to help yourself, your friends and family lead a better lifestyle and make healthier choices before you start offering your sessions to the public. I actually decided to become a health coach after I knew about my high lactose intolerance and other vitamin deficiencies that were always making me feel bloated, tired and lacked energy.


What’s the First Thing I Should Do If I Decide to Be a Certified Health Coach?

Reach out to any health coach you find, ask as many questions as you want about health coaching, from where to apply to get certified, to possible places to practice. Ask them to share their personal experience too! Health coaches are always super helpful and will be willing to guide you through your health coaching journey.


How Do I Choose the Best Place for Me to Get Certified?

Do your research and do it well. Check out the institutes’ website, social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), and read reviews about the schools. Also, the best thing you could do is reach out to people who have graduated from the school you’re thinking of attending. They are the best people to tell you what you could be studying there, how well it benefited them and how much the experience affected their lives. You can learn a lot by asking questions to the right person.


What Steps Did You Take to Apply and Start Your Journey with IIN?

First thing I did was read their website extremely well and everything they wrote about their program. Then, I contacted a friend who took the same program and asked her everything I wanted to know. Then I called up IIN themselves on the phone. They were super helpful, asking me questions about why I’m interested in attending and they asked me a lot of questions aimed to help me find out if IIN was right for me. They then followed up with me with an email discussing the steps I need to take exactly. They were truly helpful, supporting me through the entire application process. They’ll answer any and all questions you may have.


What’s the One Thing That Has Helped You the Most in Your Journey to Being Certified?

My passion to lead a healthy lifestyle and help those around me do the same is what truly is keeping me going on this journey. I started doing this course because like I said I wanted to gain more knowledge about how to deal with my high lactose intolerance and heal my own body vitamin deficiencies. So, I think being certified is how I can pursue my passion to spread wellness and support whoever wants to lead a healthier lifestyle!