I’ve always been telling myself that I need to be healthier. I’ve also been berating myself for falling victim to mass-produced beauty products. After all, who can resist all those gorgeous scents and pretty packaging? Here is the thing, while they’re difficult to resist, and while many of these products are actually great, there’s so much that we don’t know about the process of making them. There’s also the issue of all those chemicals we’re literally showering our bodies with.

Recently, I’ve been given yet another reason to try out all natural, Egyptian products; with the current economic situation in Egypt, it’ll be even more difficult to get my hands on all those imported products. And since I’ll be making such a drastic shift, I have decided to document it all, monitoring the effect of my new routine on my skin and hair. I got in touch with the lovely people at Eden Greens, Bubblzz, Rayhanna, Black Lotus, Body Bakes, Secrets of Nature and Healing Herbs and received some of their most popular products. So, I was fully covered and did not need to use anything that was not natural and Egyptian-made. I already had a bottle of Coconut Oil from Nefertari, so I also included that in my experiment.


Shampoo and Conditioner by Eden Greens

My routine didn’t change much, it is just the products that changed. For my hair, I used the shampoo and conditioner from Eden Greens. The Shampoo has a mint and lemon scent. Almost like that of candy, but with earthy, almost bitter undertones. It’s not a “sweet” smell. The shampoo builds up a nice lather quickly and has a nice gel-like consistency. It is over 80% all natural. The conditioner’s scent is mostly that of essential oils. Like the shampoo, it is not a sweet, fruity smell at all. The consistency of the all-natural conditioner is very milky. I honestly enjoyed the maturity of the scents. Both the shampoo and conditioner were very moisturizing and left my hair looking a lot healthier. I have been dyeing my hair blonde for months and all the bleach has resulted in horrendous split ends, and this new hair washing routine was definitely very gentle on my hair. Between the extremely refreshing, yet mature scent of the shampoo, and the extravagantly soft consistency of the conditioner, I can safely say that I’m in love with these two products.


Oil Mask by Secrets of Nature

My awful split ends needed a little more than just shampoo and conditioner, though, and that’s why I used the hot oil mask from Secrets of Nature. The packaging of this hot oil mask is my favorite. The mask comes in a glass jar with a tin top, decorated with beautiful floral stickers. The hot oil itself has a salmon pink color, and smells of strong essential oils. This smell is not the one we are used to from mass produced products; again, it doesn’t smell like flowers or fruits. This is a very mature scent, and it is strong enough to overpower your shampoo and conditioner smells. The hot oil is all natural and a list of the ingredients can be found on the label; they include Argan oil and honey wax, so you know it’s great hair food. Don’t let the overpowering smell scare you, this hot oil mask is a blessing!


After the first time of using it I could feel the difference in my hair. It tamed my wild split-end frizz and left my hair soft and nourished. While you won’t feel like your hair is dirty or oily after washing it, you’ll find that because it contains many strong oils, you might want to wash your hair more frequently. This won’t be much of an issue since the nourishing effect of it is so noticeable; I even received compliments on my hair! You will need a couple of hours to do the treatment. First applying it to hair that is thoroughly wet, but not washed. Then, you use Secrets of Nature’s special towel, by getting it wet then placing it in the microwave to warm it up. You wrap the hot towel on your hair and cover it with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then you remove the towel and put on the shower cap for an hour or overnight. I left it on usually for around 3 to 4 hours. The results were magnificent.

The only downside to these nourishing hair products is that when I left rinsing the conditioner out of my hair as the last thing to do before getting out of the shower, I ended up with pimples on my shoulders. This I easily fixed by switching up my shower routine to rinsing conditioner first, then washing my body with soap. That way, the last thing on my skin was not a strong conditioner.

Before Picturescreen-shot-2017-01-09-at-1-48-04-pm

During the process


Body and Face

The Dead Sea Salt and Coffee soap by Black Lotus

Speaking of soap! Did I mention that I’ve been using the same soap for my body and face?

The Dead Sea Salt and Coffee soap is what I’ve been using for the past month (except one or two times when I was stuck without it). This versatile soap can be used on your body and face. Unlike most regular soaps, this soap doesn’t smell like perfume, but rather essential oils. The people from Black Lotus have told me that the essential oils they use are all natural and that they are distilled properly. I used the soap as hand soap, in the shower, and used the lather to wash my face. In the shower, I used the bar itself because it has exfoliating elements, which I really loved. The soap generated a lot of lather, which I then used with a normal loofah. I was worried about using the same soap on my face, but it surprised me by working very nicely and not getting my skin too dry.


Face Milk by Healing Herbs Boutique and Coconut Oil by Nefertari

The other product I used on my face was Healing Herbs’ face milk. The milk has a consistency that is lighter than lotion, but is still quite moisturizing. Before I receive this face milk, I had been using Nefertari’s coconut oil on my face. As a matter of fact, this coconut oil has been the jack of all trades in this experiment. I used it on my hair, on my skin, on my face and even as a makeup remover. This coconut oil is a miracle worker, it’s very moisturizing! The only downside is that it doesn’t smell like coconuts, but I am absolutely addicted to it.

During the last week of my experiment, the weather got increasingly cold. I have a naturally sensitive skin and my face reacted as it does every year, by getting extremely red and dry. I formed a healthy regiment of Nefertari’s coconut oil and Healing Herb’s face milk. I used them both numerous times a day on the red, dry, chapped parts of my face and within days they had both restored my skin and made it even more glowing.













Rose Water by Rayhanna

On my face, I also used the rose water toner from Rayhanna, as well as many, many different lip balms also from Rayhanna. This facial toner strongly smells of rosewater, which many find delightful. It comes in a spraying bottle, which makes it easy to use. While it is probably the best toner I’ve ever used on my face, the only downside for me was the rosewater smell. I specifically ordered it from Rayhanna, knowing it’s made out of rosewater, because I know rosewater is good for your skin, but I never really liked the smell of rosewater. That is, however, a personal preference. I will continue to use this product because it is one of the best things I’ve tried during this month, and the rosewater smell evaporates completely in minutes anyway. And if you like the smell of rosewater, this will be a complete treat for you!


Lip balms by Rayhanna

The lip balms were absolutely perfect. I got the flavors vanilla, chocolate, mango and watermelon; all equally delicious. They’re very moisturizing that I even used them as a treatment. I would put the lip balm on before I go to bed and I would wake up with perfectly smooth lips.


Deodorant by Bubblzz

Instead of my regular deodorant, I used Bubblzz’s delicious-smelling deodorant. The all-natural deodorant smells heavenly and as it promises, it leaves you smelling beautiful and fresh for the rest of the day.  I can’t exactly describe the exact scent, but it simply smelled “clean”, and who wouldn’t love that? The deodorant also had a great advantage over regular deodorant, which is the fact that it was soft. You all must know how deodorants sometimes are too dry. This, on the other hand, had a silky-smooth finish, which I thought was fantastic. While not everyone will love this smooth texture, because many actually like the dry feeling of deodorant, it was an advantage for me. I only used this product for a week, but I’m absolutely in love with.


Body Butter by Eden Greens and Body Butter by Rayhanna

During that time I also used a body butter bar from Eden Greens and some clementine body butter from Rayhanna occasionally; they were both magnificent. Just keep in mind that when it gets very cold, these products will get a little dry, a small price I was glad to pay for all-natural goodness.













Bath Bombs by Body Bakes

Last, but definitely not least, is Body Bakes’ gorgeous bath bombs. Who doesn’t love a relaxing hot bath? And those bath bombs smell – and look – absolutely fabulous. They fizz and produce the most gorgeous smell and color in your bath and they are simply to die for. The guys from Body Bakes were kind enough to send me two big bath bombs and two small ones. I used the hot pink strawberry one and it was the most relaxing experience! If anything, I’d enjoy it if they added little surprises in the bath bombs such as glitter or rose petals. However, they are just as enjoyable and relaxing as they are now.


My experiment has come to an end. I ended up adding a week when I received the face milk and deodorant, so I spent around 40 days using these products. I feel like I’ve formed a bond with my new lifestyle. Knowing that those products are natural definitely gave me some peace of mind in regards of what I’m putting my body through in order for it to look and smell beautiful. I got out of this experience with healthy skin and hair that has definitely improved from what it was like before. And knowing that those products are made in Egypt, by Egyptians, and that the revenue will help Egyptian people, is definitely a plus.

As taxes rise and good products are hard to find, these products have proven to me that it’s possible to go on an all-natural, all-Egyptian routine without having to compromise. Will I continue to use only Egyptian products? That depends on how much I can resist other beauty products. However, will I continue to use the products that I’ve used in this experiment? Definitely.